American Consequences - November 2020


ignoring the fast growing ethnic minority, Biden and the Dems have alienated the Hispanic community. Dangerous thing to do to a proud group of people. I predict Hispanics will vote against Biden and thereby carry Trump to victory. Keep up the good work ya’ll! – Mark B. Buck Sexton Response: Thanks so much Mark, really appreciate you writing in. We will have to see how these Trump campaign legal challenges shake out. Any federal judge is going to be very cautious about discarding large numbers of ballots on technicalities, so that may be a stumbling block. It’s all part of the process though, and these voices of outrage and the predictions of Trump forcing a descent into fascism in his last weeks are absurd. As for your point on the Latino vote, I certainly hope the GOP continues to make gains with this critical constituency. Re: The Middle Class Squeeze I enjoyed Trish Regan’s article “The Middle Class Squeeze,” she is certainly enriching asset to your publication. However, I find the need to ask Trish, other Journalist, politicians and those elitist minded one percenters to quit using the term “Class.” Aside from what Nancy Pelosi and others may hold themselves as, America’s society was never built upon a medieval ruling class concept or a Hindu “Caste System.” So how about replacing the word “Class” with the word “Income?” It’s a little more palatable to people like me who have done well in life but refuse to be considered as a “Class.” – Brent C.

counterpuncher), then get out of the ring. Personally, I think he hurt himself... We will know soon. I just voted for Biden. – Linda Your president has very thin skin for a tough guy.

A Canadian perspective, – Ross W.

Jason Rantz Response: I agree that Trump can have thin skin, though I suppose four-plus years of media institutions scolding almost everything he does 24/7 would wear on you, too. I’d probably not criticize Trump, though. I notice you’re from Canada. You have a prime minister who will tearfully apologize for an unintentional microaggression that didn’t even happen while pretending he offended scores of people... only so that he can apologize in order to pat himself on the back for being so sensitive. Re: Buck Sexton: Trump Is Going to Win This Election First off – Thanks for all you are doing! So refreshing to see responsible journalism return to Main Street... Secondly – as to Buck’s election prediction for a Trump win, I suspect he’s right. What I don’t hear talked about much is the vastly underestimated growth in voters who vote “against” a candidate rather than “for” a candidate. The silent conservatives, who are becoming increasingly less so, may not be in love with Trump, but they absolutely abhor Biden and the uncontrolled liberalism he represents. And the Latinos as Buck points out are key. By focusing on the Black vote and totally


November 2020

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