American Consequences - November 2020


I’m thrilled to be talking with you here in American Consequences and my daily publication,! These are challenging times for the truth. Many are afraid to report it and there’s a lack of dialogue, thanks to overly heated emotions. I can promise you – I’m here to deliver truth. You’ll always know where I stand. Thanks for subscribing. Hi Trish, I voted for Trump and read your article every time it’s in my inbox. I agree with your analysis and DO AGREE with your conclusion. For Biden to be elected, a man who’s never worked a job or run a company, and who’s floated around Washington all his life with 70 million votes is certainly a blue wave. He stayed in his basement more than half the time and refused most interviews and still may get elected. A presidential contender before he was actually a proven liar and had to end a presidential race.

Trish Regan response: Dear Brent, thank you for your kind and insightful comments. Your point is well taken... Income is a more specific economic term. And I agree, one’s “class” should be irrelevant in an American meritocracy. Re: The Real Win in the 2020 Election Battle First of all, I am so happy to hear great things are happening for Ms. Regan. My family and I were faithful viewers of her programs on “you knowwhere.” She is an honest broker. I sent many people emails on her behalf and I am so pleased to hear her analysis and read her editorials. American Consequences speaks for me. Millions of people like me. – Joe M. Trish Regan response: Yes – great things!



November 2020

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