American Consequences - November 2020

of all, these people are entertainers, Hollywooders who are “supposed” to entertain us, nothing more. They are part of the one percenters that their Democratic party keeps vilifying. Personally, I’m sick and tired of egotistical, overpaid actors and sports professionals criticizing my president, my country, my American flag, and my national anthem. If I had the money, I would help them leave the United States that they so despise. – Don R. I liked the story, but it missed the best opportunity, the Bahamas. I have been saying that if the Democrats take control of the Senate, keep the house and get the White House, I am moving to Bimini, Bahamas. After what occurred from 2009- 2012 when the Democrats owned all of the government, I think they will be even more emboldened this time, and may be unrecoverable. I am a retired military officer that was assigned the Bahamian Embassy for a while. Many of your arguments do not affect living in Bimini. Cost of living, use of the American dollar, and English as primary language primarily. Also, if necessary, getting American medical service is a 2-hour boat ride or 35-minute flight away. – Dirk S.

Unbelievable! But here we are. I don’t like Trump – But I like what he was doing for the country. If it had been any other republican running it would have been a red wave. We are where we are because Trump couldn’t keep his mouth shut nor his fingers off the keys. – Mark S. Trish Regan response: Mark, I believe the economic policies put in place early during the Trump administration contributed to fundamental growth. Meanwhile, the administration’s international policies led to a more secure America. We’re at a critical time right now... It is not inconceivable that America could lose its edge in the world. Let’s all hope intelligence and freedom prevail. Re: Threatening to leave the U.S. if your guy doesn’t win? Not so fast... Kim, In reference to your article on jumping ship if the candidate of your choice doesn’t win – you are absolutely correct with your statement “There’s a long tradition of narcissistic, attention-craving celebrities claiming they’re one election away from leaving home – and they haven’t.” First

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