American Consequences - November 2020


Please continue to feature his work as often as possible. – D.C. Kim Iskyan Response: D.C., many thanks for your kind words. (Truth be told, my wife would have unsubscribed a while ago as well, if her husband didn’t write for the publication!) It’s a fun game, and there’s so much fodder out there (unfortunately…). Re: Beware the Interregnum Finally a clear-eyed assessment of the risks posed by the Orange Bad Man. Was getting tired of sucky Bucky’s supine groveling before Dear Leader.– Lyn V. Yawn... More fear-mongering by another useful idiot in the media. Kimmy, hasn’t Trump already had 46 months to destroy the world? I guess you would prefer a corrupt, groveling senile old man instead... .– Jim T. I loved Kim’s writing, but the sky is still not falling! How one can extrapolate all that crap is beyond me! – James W. Kim Iskyan Response: Many thanks for writing in. Jim and James… the sky doesn’t fall all at once. To paraphrase Hemingway’s words about bankruptcy, the sky falls gradually – then suddenly. And for the record, Jim: Trump is easily one of the most corrupt American presidents in history… enough to make the leaders of tinpot Third World dictators blush (and I’ve seen several of them!). There’s no comparison at all to the president-elect. (And… senile? Trump is… well, never mind.)

Kim Iskyan Response: Don and Dirk, thanks for your thoughts. Don, I’m with you in terms of showing a lot of the self-centered so- called entertainers the door (or rather, helping them through it)!... Dirk – the Bahamas sounds like a great option that didn’t occur to me… there aren’t many places so close to the U.S. that are so easy. Re: Conspiracy Theories in 2020 I just read Kim Iskyan’s essay on conspiracy theories and the reasons people love them, and I feel vindicated in continuing to read AC when my wife has long since unsubscribed (Buck Sexton drives her mad). His more global, urbane, BTDT perspective on events and trends is refreshing; his piece on what it takes to actually move to another country was cold water on the fires of “if [that guy] gets elected, I’m moving to [someplace better] the next day”. I am currently cruising in Mexico, where many ex-pats transition from tourist to resident to citizen with relative ease, but a friend was recently denied permission to settle in New Zealand because “we have enough broadcast journalists.” Where I am right now, the ex-pats are old, retired and mostly from Arizona; it’s amusing to listen to their grumblings and conspiracy theories, but even more fun to tweak their tails with questions about proof, logic and purpose. Perhaps it’s not a serious sociopolitical problem at all, just this year’s parlor game to replace Charades.


November 2020

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