American Consequences - November 2020

thanks P.J. O’Rourke I’m thankful that politics is – when all’s said and done – such a small part of American life. Buck Sexton I’m thankful for every second I can breathe fresh air without one of those stupid masks on my face.

When we fall in love, we don’t hold state primaries to select the person for whomwe might feel passion. When we get married, we don’t let the nation elect our spouse. Whether to have children and how many isn’t on a ballot. (Sometimes – oops! – even the parents don’t get a vote.) And every small child is bipartisan, being both a little Democratic bed-wetter and a tiny Republican crying, “Mine!” We wouldn’t allow Joe Biden or Donald Trump to babysit our kids. Joe would forget where he put them. Donald would sell all their toys. Our sons and daughters don’t get good grades by putting out yard signs asking for an A+ on their book report. We don’t find good jobs by begging strangers for contributions to our “find a good job” campaign fund. We don’t mow the lawn by demanding that Congress pass a law against grass growing. We don’t garden by standing on a stump imploring the tomatoes to get ripe. When it comes to daily life, every vote doesn’t count. What counts is just one vote – our own personal, private decision. Let’s give thinks (and take hope) that this is how things will always stay in America.

Kim Iskyan What I’m thankful for… Living in a country where wearing facemasks isn’t a political statement... having the opportunity to immediately apply newly gained insight on epidemiology, airborne virus transmission and PPE, in real-life environments... the possibility that the new benchmark for “all around really crummy year” won’t be superseded for a very long time... all those things that I used to take for granted, like hugging and shaking hands, and air travel, and pubs, and barber shops, and being able to go beyond a 5 km radius of my house without feeling like a criminal, and visiting colleagues (even in Baltimore!)... and a coming new year that would have to work hard to be worse than this one.


November 2020

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