American Consequences - November 2020

Happy Thanksgiving from the editors and staff of American Consequences. Now more than ever, we are thankful for our loyal readers... Here is a list of some other things we give thanks for.

Trish Regan Thanksgiving, for me, is a time for reflection... a chance to be truly grateful for our families, our health, and our country. For one day, we get to stop what we’re doing and consider the wonderful people in our lives and the opportunities we have. Family is everything to me, and I’m incredibly grateful for my husband and children. Growing up, my grandparents would remind me and my cousins on Thanksgiving of the hardships and poverty they faced, and how lucky we were to have such a blessed life... Knowing how my family overcame so much adversity to achieve the American Dream made me incredibly thankful for all they had done to give my generation such a wonderful life. My family is living proof that America affords opportunities like nowhere else – with hard work and a positive outlook, anything is possible.

Laura Greaver I’m thankful for strong coffee, good wine, and my wonderful sons (who make me need the coffee and wine). Also I’m thankful for this job – It challenges and teaches me daily. I work with some amazingly talented people, plus I get to read all day… one of my favorite things to do. Jamison Miller I’m thankful for the talented people I get to work with on a daily basis… Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would call myself a colleague among professionals like Trish Regan, P.J. O’Rourke, Buck Sexton, and Ron Paul. And I’m thankful for my tireless team – we publish some incredible content and I couldn’t do it without them. Erica Wood I’m thankful for my job as the magazine's creative director. I'm also thankful for my children’s teachers. Being able to work from home while my kids are learning virtually is a challenge every day… sometimes every hour. I am no teacher and I thank them for doing all they can to stay connected and educate my kids. Throughout their life, I have been a working mom. Today, I remind myself of the silver lining of being able to be around them when they are still so young.

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