IMO Certified Carpet Protection Film

Description FR Carpet Film FR Carpet Film FR Carpet Film


1200mm x 100m 800mm x 100m 600mm x 100m


600mm or 800 - 1200mm universal

• Heavy Duty Embossed Flame Retardant Polythene film with Anti Slip properties, specially studied with optimum tack adhesive backing for sustained holding and easy removal • Ideal for Protection of Cabins, Corridors, Public Spaces and Open Space Areas

• Easy installation using the dedicated Dispenser Rollers • Special Notes: Carpets should be ventilated for at least 24 hours, free of dust, dirt and excessive loose fibers before application


1121/11 164.112/1121/ WCL/MED330

Flame Retardant Twinshield Protection Boards

Thickness 2mm Sheets 3mm Sheets 4mm Sheets 5mm Sheets

Dimensions (mm)

2400 x 1200 2400 x 1200 2400 x 1200 2400 x 1200

• Twinshield Boards used to protect Bulkheads, Doors, Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces, Outdoor Decks • Corrugated to protect by absorbing the impact • Designed and Manufactured to meet the highest quality control standards of the LPCB

• LCPB Logo and Registration Number printed on the product for Certification Purposes • Simple and Fast Installation, Straight, Curved or Creased, lightweight and easy to position • Available at Custom Size and Shape upon request

Flame Retardant Tubular Foam Protectors


Pack Quantity

Circular 114mm x 2m FR Circular 78mm x 2m FR Circular 48mm x 2m FR ‘U’ 90/110mm x 2m FR

11 per box 21 per box 35 per box 18 per box

• Offers full protection with a high degree of impact resistance • Flame Retardant Foam Protectors, certified as per TS63 • Orange Vivid Color for better visibility • Ideal for protection of Handrails, Pillars, Columns

• Available at circumferences of up to 265mm width • Delivered pre-scored to allow ease to open, position and wrap around • Ideal combination with the a.m. Twinshields to protect the doors and door frames.

APPROVED PRODUCT CF 747 Email: • Tel: +1 (305) 310 4608

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