designs, ceramic flooring manufacturers can reproduce the natural look and warmth of real wood floors. Faux wood tiles closely mimic the look of hardwood flooring such as bamboo, redwood and even distressed wood. They’re perfect for rooms traditionally too humid for hardwood flooring, such as bathrooms and kitchens. 2. A slab of understated If you’re a fan of industrial style, you’ll The inspired new look of ceramic tiles love ceramic tiles that replicate the look of natural stone, cement or concrete floors. Certain manufacturers have even gone as far as adding texture to the tiles, giving them a remarkably raw and un- finished look. 3. Captivating patterns Today’s ceramic tiles come in array of different designs and patterns to please even the most eclectic and eccentric of tastes. With so many varieties in colours Game rooms: rest and recreation for all

Ceramic tiles are the ideal choice in flooring if you’re looking for something that’s durable, easy to clean and suited to any design style. Available in a wide selection of sizes, shapes, colours, tex- tures and patterns, ceramic tiles are the perfect complement to any room in your house. Here are three types that might make you think differently about flooring. 1. A woodsy feel Thanks to innovative, high-definition

and patterns, the possibilities are end- less as to just how unique your floor can be.

Ceramic tiles are redefining the flooring industry.

table. Regardless of who will benefit from the space, certain cri- teria should be taken into consideration when designing your game room. Location and lighting Your basement is the ideal location for a game room. For optimal lighting, it should have at least one window to let in some natural light. Of course, there are other options available

these as much as possible.

tion with a table, chairs and art supplies. Of course, it’s important to outfit each area with the appropriate materials. This means washable surfaces for creative undertakings, soft furnishings to protect against injuries during more rambunc- tious games, and comfortable furniture for lazing about.

Furniture and finishing touches Dividing the space into different activ- ity stations is a great way to make the most of your game room. You can cre- ate a cozy nook for watching movies and playing video games, a kiddie corner with toys and costumes, and a craft sta-

We are specialized in installing and servicing building mechanical systems, offering complete services in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and gas piping . We cover eastern Ontario and focus on commercial, industrial and residential projects.


A game room in your home is the per- fect place to entertain young and old alike. Children will be able to use the space to play with their toys and cre- ate colourful crafts. Adults can make the most of the room by adding a big screen TV and gaming console, or even a pool

if this isn’t possible, such as installing pot lights and a dimmer switch. When it comes to paint, lighter colours will help accentuate the light and will make your room more feel more spacious. Massive and dark-coloured furniture tends to dis- rupt the flow of a room, so try to avoid


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