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During March, which is National Women’s History Month, I like to take a moment to give thanks to all of the wonderful women in my life who have inspired me and paved the way for me to achieve my dreams. My mother, Hillary, is the Rinehardt family matriarch and my greatest role model. As a lawyer, business owner, gourmet chef, loving wife and mother, and my best friend, she has shown me that there is nothing in life I can’t do if I put my mind to it. I am also inspired by my younger sister, Hannah, who was appropriately born on March 8, International Women’s Day. Hannah is the embodiment of what it means to dedicate your life to service. During her undergraduate studies at OSU, she started a club, Breathe Hope, that benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation; she spent her summers volunteering at Flying Horse Farms, a summer camp for children with serious illnesses; and now, she is a general surgery resident at UPMC.

I am lucky to be part of a strong matriarchy. Of my extended family, I have four aunts, and six of my seven cousins are female. This tribe of women is made up of entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, cancer survivors, and activists. These women have dedicated their lives to serving others and have been unafraid to take risks to achieve their goals. Every day, I am inspired by their joie de vivre. Rinehardt Law Firm continues the women in majority theme. In fact, John is the only male on the Rinehardt Law Firm team! It is the strength, resourcefulness, and intellect of the women at Rinehardt Law that make our firm so successful. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with the smart, hardworking, and dedicated women-led team at RLF. There’s one woman I’d especially like to honor this Women’s History Month: my maternal grandmother, Lenore Peretz, or Grammy, as I have always called her. In addition to her many accomplishments, including obtaining a college degree at a time when many women did not have the opportunity to attend universities, Grammy was a beautifully talented artist and painter. When I was younger, I loved doing arts and crafts and painting pictures with her. The way she took interest in my art made me feel like I could become a great painter like her one day. Grammy had a way of making me feel so special. One summer, I visited

Grammy in Cleveland for a weekend. She took me to see the studio where she took art classes, and afterwards, we spent the afternoon in Chagrin Falls. We got ice cream cones and walked up and down the quaint little street, window shopping as we passed the local boutiques. She made that day of simple pleasures into one of my most cherished memories. Grammy was patient, compassionate, and a thoughtful listener. I’d confide in her, and she would listen carefully without interrupting, then offer helpful advice, the kind of advice only a grandmother can give. As I got older, Grammy became more of a friend to me, and I soon began to realize that perhaps my favorite thing about her was her sense of humor. She had a child-like playfulness about her and was witty beyond compare. She always reminded me not to take life so seriously. She and my mother shared this sense of humor, and the two of them would often get each other going, laughing until they started crying. My mom, my sister, and I have carried on this tradition, falling into fits of uncontrollable laughter whenever we get together. This March, as the snow begins to melt and the sun begins to shine, I can think of no better time to honor my grandmother’s memory and all of the women who have impacted my life.

–Rachel Rinehardt

Rachel and cousins


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INSPIRATION CORNER Community Hero Julie Kleshinski

OUR FAVORITE FEMALE WRITTEN BLOGS For a Daily News Fix The Skimm: This free subscription-only newsletter comes to your email inbox every morning at 6 a.m. It is a short, easy-to-read summary of the news of the day. The Skimm was founded in 2012 by Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, who both left their jobs as producers for NBC to start The Skimm. The writers do a great job of simplifying complex stories and issues for busy readers who are on the go. Every summary contains plenty of links if the reader wants to take a deeper dive into the complexities or details of the story. For Recipes Half Baked Harvest: Tieghan Gerard is a food photographer, stylist, developer, and cookbook author. She spent her first 14 years in Cleveland, Ohio before moving to Colorado. Her blog features a mix of recipes from savory to sweet and healthy to indulgent. Every recipe we have tried has been delicious. She gives great background info about how she created each recipe, and her instructions are easy to follow with plenty of photographs. For Women Over 50 Sixty and Me: Sixty and Me blog is a unique blog for women who are over 50. Margaret Manning founded the blog to help other women her age live happy, healthy, and financially secure lives. Her blog covers issues facing senior citizens like: retirement, savings, dating, style, fashion, makeup, travel, and health. She encourages women of all ages to be the best they can be. For Moms The Mom Edit: Shana Draugelis created this fashion and lifestyle blog that is dedicated to finding cool, everyday styles that are geared toward young mothers. The blog features helpful tips for everything, including being a mom, beauty, home, and travel. For Wellness Kris Carr: Kris Carr is a New York Times bestselling author, wellness activist, and cancer “thriver.” Diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer in 2003, Kris’s journey is an inspiration to all health, spiritual wealth, and happiness seekers. Her website features success stories and stories of transformation; plenty of well-being tips for beauty, soul, and abundance; and also some great recipes.

Julie is the executive director of The New Store, an organization of community volunteers who help children by providing Christmas gifts, school supplies, lessons, clothing, camp experiences, and more. In 2011, The New Store moved into its current location inside the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center building. Under Julie’s tireless leadership, it has expanded its community reach and serves more children and families every year. The Christmas Project, for example, started out providing gifts for 50 children in its first year and now provides gifts for 1,000 children!

In December, while I was dropping off Christmas gifts for The Christmas Project, Julie offered to give me a tour of the facility. She first showed me the staging area for the project. It looked like Santa’s workshop with hundreds of large red and green Christmas bags filled with gifts, each lovingly tied with a ribbon and a hand-crafted gift tag that she told me were donated by members of the Crossroads church. We walked down a hallway lined with bicycles to a room that looked like a fancy kid’s clothing store at the mall. The clothing was carefully displayed on racks, and the walls were decorated with twinkling lights, flowers, and butterflies. There was a changing room and an accessory section with jewelry, belts, and hair ribbons. Julie told me it was a girls’ store and explained that the objective is to make the kids who come through feel like they are at a boutique at a mall rather than a secondhand thrift store. Next, Julie proudly showed me the boys department and a literal wall of shoes, most of which were brand-new. Julie explained that large companies like Nike will sell them overstock shoes for pennies on the dollar. It is nice for the kids they serve to have name brands like their peers. Across the hall was a huge warehouse where the clothing comes in and is sorted and stored to restock the boutiques as needed. There were racks of winter coats, Easter dresses, sportswear, school uniforms, backpacks, and dress clothes, all organized by type and size. I’m sure Julie has given this tour to dozens, if not hundreds, of people before, but there was a twinkle in her eye and excitement in her voice as she described all of the programs and services The New Store provides. Of course, Julie tried to give all credit due to her team of “elves” and volunteers, but without Julie at the helm, The New Store would not be what it is today. I cannot even begin to imagine the planning and logistics it must take to run the organization. Julie’s favorite quote is painted on the wall of The New Store, and we agree they are words to live by: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” —Margaret Mead


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We are proud to introduce our new intake coordinator, Jen Doklovic! Jen first joined our team in December 2020, and ever since, she’s fit right in. As intake coordinator, she is often the first to interact with our clients. It is up to her to put together their information and make sure all their paperwork is in order. With someone as passionate and dedicated as Jen, everyone who calls our office is in the best of hands. Yet, Jen admits, working in a law firm was never something she thought she would do in her life. Over the years, Jen worked in several office settings before, but never a law firm. That changed when she saw our ad. “As soon as I saw the posting, I said to myself, ‘I want to work there,’” Jen explains. “It had

Boursin Potato Gratin

This potato gratin is delicious and very rich. It is super easy and fast to make, and it is the perfect accompaniment for everything from a fancy dinner party paired with filet mignon to a rustic Sunday dinner with roast chicken. You can find Boursin cheese in most supermarkets.


• 2 cups heavy whipping cream.

• 1 5-oz package Boursin cheese with herbs

everything I loved to do. I immediately responded to it and, as they say, the rest is history. I feel very blessed that I get to wake up every morning and do a job I absolutely love.” With the pandemic still putting restrictions on our office, Jen has done most of her duties through virtual or telephone interactions. Taking care of our clients this way can be difficult, as we are unable to meet with them face to face, but Jen has done a wonderful job ensuring all our clients needs are met. Though we are grateful we can continue assisting our clients, we are all looking forward to meeting our clients again once things finally calm down. The care Jen puts into every client and case is a true reflection of who we are as a firm. As a team, we truly care for our clients and put all our efforts into giving them the best possible outcome for their case. “Everyone here is so passionate about what they do,” Jen says. Jen enjoys spending time with her husband Andy, their Australian Shepherd Bogart, and their three college-graduated children – usually while outside on their 76 acres! When Jen has free time, she loves traveling, especially anywhere with a beach. Later this year, Jen and Andy will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.

• 3 lbs small red skin potatoes, unpeeled, scrubbed, and thinly sliced.

• Fresh parsley for garnish, minced


1. Preheat oven to 400 F. Over low heat, combine the cream and Boursin, stirring constantly until just combined and smooth. Remove from heat. 2. Grease or butter a 9x13 baking dish. Place half of the potatoes in overlapping rows on the bottom. Season generously with salt and pepper. Pour half of the cheese mixture over the potatoes. 3. Repeat with remaining potatoes and remaining cheese mixture. Place uncovered in oven and bake for 1 hour until lightly browned.

4. Garnish with minced parsley. Enjoy!


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Jen Is the Perfect Fit Boursin Potato Gratin


No Stone Unturned

NO STONE UNTURNED When it comes to finding sources of recovery for our clients, the team at Rinehardt Law leaves no stone unturned. We represent someone who was badly injured when the driver of a full-size pickup truck crashed into her. At the time of the crash, the man driving the truck was on the clock for business of the company he owned. When he was cited by the police, he gave them only his personal auto policy information. Meanwhile, our client was taken to the hospital for multiple broken bones and severe bodily injuries. The man’s personal auto policy was not adequate to compensate the victim for the harms and losses she suffered. The man and his insurance company denied that there was any other insurance coverage that applied to the loss. Rinehardt Law would not just take them at their word. We insisted that the man provide financial documents to tell us whether he or the company had assets that would allow him to pay an amount above the insurance policy. The man provided tax returns and financial documents that showed he had the means to pay something, but still not near enough to compensate the pedestrian for what she went through. Based on the financial information, Rinehardt Law sent a letter to the man demanding him to pay a reasonable amount over and above the

insurance policy. One week later, we got a call from another insurance company. It turns out, the man’s company had a separate business policy that they were trying to hide all along. Only after the man thought he was going to have to pay out of his own pocket did he fess up that the other policy existed. By leaving no stone unturned, Rinehardt Law will achieve justice for our client.


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