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NO STONE UNTURNED When it comes to finding sources of recovery for our clients, the team at Rinehardt Law leaves no stone unturned. We represent someone who was badly injured when the driver of a full-size pickup truck crashed into her. At the time of the crash, the man driving the truck was on the clock for business of the company he owned. When he was cited by the police, he gave them only his personal auto policy information. Meanwhile, our client was taken to the hospital for multiple broken bones and severe bodily injuries. The man’s personal auto policy was not adequate to compensate the victim for the harms and losses she suffered. The man and his insurance company denied that there was any other insurance coverage that applied to the loss. Rinehardt Law would not just take them at their word. We insisted that the man provide financial documents to tell us whether he or the company had assets that would allow him to pay an amount above the insurance policy. The man provided tax returns and financial documents that showed he had the means to pay something, but still not near enough to compensate the pedestrian for what she went through. Based on the financial information, Rinehardt Law sent a letter to the man demanding him to pay a reasonable amount over and above the

insurance policy. One week later, we got a call from another insurance company. It turns out, the man’s company had a separate business policy that they were trying to hide all along. Only after the man thought he was going to have to pay out of his own pocket did he fess up that the other policy existed. By leaving no stone unturned, Rinehardt Law will achieve justice for our client.


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