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It’s not our fault. But it is our responsibility. The level of care we offer our patients — and what they accept — is negatively influenced by PPOs, managed care, big-box dentistry, and a soft economy. These outside pressures have converged to create the current state of dentistry, and frankly, I can relate to Peter Finch’s character in “Network.” I feel like going to the window, sticking my head out, and yelling “I’m not going to take this anymore!” While it’s not our fault, I do believe it’s our collective responsibility to reject the state of dentistry that is currently offered to patients worldwide. The good news is that we can reverse this trend. Together, our Gems family is on a mission to help provide patients with a proven path to optimal health — and as a result, help you enjoy a higher level of professional satisfaction in the process. By putting patients’ health first, you will discover how to build wealth and establish a legacy for yourself and your family. Gems gives dentistry hope through what I like to call “the big secret.” What is the big secret? Gems Are Easy By simply focusing on TOBI, you can maintain a clear path to continue your journey, build your dream practice, and live the life of your choice and your dreams. Want to know what TOBI is all about? Stay tuned for your next issue, in which we will reveal exactly how TOBI can help you accomplish whatever you can dream … and more.

protects you against expensive medical bills. Dental insurance does not insure you in the event of significant need. On top of that, it hinders dental practices. Insurance has driven a WEDGE between patient and doctor. In the golden era, a general practitioner could expect to have an overhead of around 50 percent or less. Nowadays, if you’re lucky, you might have a 70 percent overhead. If there’s an insurance adjustment on those fees, which can range anywhere from 15–25 percent, your profit as a GP plummets almost to the point where it may seem as if you are working for free. These external pressures from PPO managed care and insurance networks have shackled dentists to compromised fees and, subsequently, as a profession, we are delivering compromised care. The Paradox We Face Today we are on the cusp of the most significant technological revolution our profession has ever seen. The amazing offerings in advanced clinical education, ever-evolving technology in equipment, and instrumentation have created the potential to completely change dentistry forever. Although we have access to the most advanced technology and education in history, external forces, such as managed care, prevent us from helping our patients to the extent that we could (should) and fully harnessing the bounty of opportunity in front of us. This paradox is responsible for the dental-care crisis we’re in now.

Opportunity Doesn’t Knock … It Calls

checkups that go along with these visits, and since the rest of the family tags along, they’ll usually book appointments as well.

It’s September already! The dog days of summer have come to an end, and all around the country, dental schedules are filling up, practices are again filled with the happy sound of spinning drills, and dentists’ bank accounts are beginning to refill.

If you haven’t started to see an increase from existing patients, it’s time to put your recall campaign into high gear! Do it now, because the next few weeks will prime the pump for the rest of the year. Postcards, emails, texts, and letters … these are all terrific. Keep doing them. However, there is one strategy proven to dwarf the results of all others. It’s a 180-degree paradigm shift in how you make recall calls. Dr. Orent’s wife Elizabeth (“the Engineer!”) calls it “willful suspension of disbelief ...”

There are several reasons for this, but here are the two main drivers behind the sudden surge in demand.

1. The end of summer takes us to back-to-school season, that magical time when the nondental public once again realizes the “fun in the sun” can only last so long. After shirking responsibility for a season, it’s time to once again get serious about life. For parents and students, life kicks into high gear. Students want white teeth for their school photos, they consider braces so they can get that perfect smile, and athletes need mouthguards. On top of that, there are all the oral exams and

Until you’ve tried this radically different (and highly effective) way to make recall calls, don’t discount what it could do for your

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