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How Elements Dental Used the Gem They Doubted The Most to Transform Their Practice!

By Dr. Cindy Wolt

The information is undoubtedly essential for unifying our practice under a common glossary of terms, but it’s about more than vernacular; we gain camaraderie. Before implementing our meetings, we had a lot of negative conversations about each other. It wasn’t because we’re backbiting people; we just didn’t know that much about what everyone was doing. Our communication was poor, and there was lots of bickering.

We’ve only been a part of the Gems family since February, but we’ve already implemented multiple Gems that have transformed our practice. Out of all the amazing Gems Dr. Orent and his team unearthed for our practice, by far the most transformative has been implementing 90-minute team meetings. Before Gems, we were all so busy, and we never had any set times where everyone was in the office, so it seemed there was no way to make the meetings happen.

Our practice had never designated specific lunchtimes or a scheduled time where we could all gather together. Everyone

When I first sat down our Team Leader, Abbie, and we talked about applying this, our gut reaction was, “No way our practice producing nearly $5,000,000 per year could afford to take 90 minutes off every week ... not with 22 employees ground to a standstill.” But we decided to apply Elizabeth’s “willful suspension of disbelief” and deployed the 90-minute meetings. Today we wouldn’t think of giving them up! Every practice should devote one

just ran in their own circles, and you could go weeks without speaking to someone in the office. Fast-forward to today, and morale has never been so high, thanks to starting our 90-minute weekly team meetings. We’re closer together, and just as I’m a part of the Gems family, my practice is now a family. You can have all the Gems in the world, but if you don’t know how to implement them, what value are they to you? By far the best part about our meetings is gaining implementation

We’re closer together, and just as I’m a part of the Gems family, my practice is now a family.

strategies. A lot of the success that goes to our bottom line centers around how to take what Chuck and Dr. Orent teach us and apply it. From there, Abbie and I have to make sure we’re intentional about how we have discussions with our team and the expectations we have for each part of our practice. By the end of each meeting, everyone knows exactly what they need to do and what is expected of them. If we haven’t accomplished goals we’ve set for ourselves and our practice, the team meeting provides a natural avenue to discuss where we fell short. We’re just now starting to see the dramatic impact of the revenue-generating capabilities of our Gems, and that all stems from our meetings. Change takes time, but the improvement in organization and the unified front of our family is beginning to translate into real dollar signs for our practice. It has us excited for the months ahead and especially pumped to talk about it with other members of the Gems Family at the retreat! If you haven’t seen those T-shirts yet, they are something else. If you see any of us from Elements Dental and Fastbraces, say hi!

uninterrupted block of 90 minutes every week ... as Dr. Tom says, “Shades drawn, phones forwarded ... no hygiene or doctor emergencies interfering …” This is our one time to focus on the business of helping patients achieve healthier, happier lives. One of the best things about Gems is the fact that they are so turnkey. You don’t need to invest a ton of time preparing or brainstorming how to make them work, because our Gems coach and Dr. Orent make it so easy to apply. Our meetings always start for the first half hour with our coaching call with Chuck, who is an absolute rock star. He provides tangible information and accountability to our challenges. If we’re doing a cracked tooth challenge, we have to report those numbers back to him. That layer of accountability makes a significant difference in the effectiveness of these revenue-generating Gems. After we work with Chuck, we dive into role-playing. Then we go over a webinar on a Gem our practice needs.

An Unexpected Benefit of Our Weekly 90-Minute Meetings

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