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Make Every Blog Post Count Hone Your Content With MarketMuse

For example, the best trick we’ve gleaned from MarketMuse is that people interested in professional print newsletters rarely search “newsletter marketing.” These are people with questions, not robots. They search for things like “How do I make an awesome newsletter?” or “Who should I mail a newsletter to?” MarketMuse did more than just expose this gap in our SEO — it helped us hone and refine our content to ensure it matched up with our audience’s interests. By refocusing SEO on audience intent, MarketMuse doesn’t simply help you reformulate what you’re already writing about; it also shows you what to write about in the future. With bleeding- edge analytics, this software suite breaks down trends and topics your audience is searching for in real time. It uses this information to generate content briefs that will give your writers a better understanding of precisely what your demographic is looking for. MarketMuse can’t write amazing content; that’s still on you and your team. What it can do is help your online presence cast a wider net, ensuring your audience can always find you. So if you’re looking to make every blog post count, this is the tool for you.

If you write a fantastic blog but no one is around to read it, does it make an impact? No. Maybe your richly detailed content is too niche or your carefully selected search terms aren’t as trendy as your competitor’s. Whatever the case, if you aren’t getting eyeballs and creating engagement, you aren’t winning over patients. All that creative energy is lost in the woods. That’s where MarketMuse comes in. The brainchild of veteran artificial-intelligence (AI) programmers and content writing professionals, MarketMuse is a new breed of content optimization software. Using patented modeling tools, this solution guides content creation to grow online engagement organically. It accomplishes this by bucking a practice as old as search engines themselves. Search engine optimization (SEO) has typically focused on keywords. While utilizing these words may have given you an edge over less-than-savvy competitors in the past, it now represents the bare minimum of what it takes to get your content seen. MarketMuse delves deeper than these surface- level search factors, using real-time analytics to learn how people are actually searching for a given topic. ... continued f rom Page 2 practice. All the details are in the GoldMine UnderGround Team Training Toolkit Episode 009, “How to Double Hygiene Recall!” 2. It’s shopping season — not in the traditional sense of the word, but this is the time when people start actively seeking a dentist. Most of this increase in “shopping” comes from the new move-ins who bought homes over the summer. It’s estimated that 40 million people move each year in the U.S., and 80 percent of those moves happen between May and September. In other words, right now (not tomorrow, next week, or next month) is prime dentist “shopping season.” AFTCO, the nation’s largest dental transition consulting network, suggests the average lifetime value for a new patient is close to $5,000. With today’s “on-demand” world, it’s increasingly important to be able to satisfy patients’ needs and wants as fast as possible. For example, every time the phone rings, it represents opportunity. Here’s where it all can go wrong for you: If you can’t answer that phone, that opportunity is lost. Some folks may leave messages, but prospective new patients simply move on to the next dentist in the Google results. Also, new patients don’t want to wait; in most cases, they want to be seen within the next 24–48 hours, and if you don’t have the flexibility, they will move on. Remember that each new patient is worth $5,000 in lifetime value — 25 percent of which is realized in the first year! So

answer the phone on or before the second ring, and you’ll see your schedule (and bank account) fill up. If you aren’t answering (and scheduling) new patient calls live on nights, weekends, and holidays, ask your Personal Gems Concierge about www. UPC’s concierge scheduling service will pay for itself time and again.

Now get out there and make this the best September ever!

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