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PILLOW CASES AND PEANUT BUTTER CUPS Halloween Past and Present As a kid, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. We grew up in a small New England town, so we had the privilege of making our rounds unchaperoned. Our parents told us only to go to houses we knew and to be back home at a certain time, but other than that, they let us have our fun. We also made our own costumes. I can’t tell you how many times I used my dad’s cut-off jeans as the centerpiece of a hobo costume. Whenever I was at a loss for an idea or didn’t have the time to craft a costume, it was an easy fallback. By the time we hit middle school, which was when we became to old for trick-or-treating, I had probably dressed as a hobo for at least three Halloweens. The other aspect of those childhood Halloweens that sticks out in my mind is trading candy with my little brother. After we went out and did our best to fill up our pillow cases — this was before the days of custom reflective candy bags and plastic pumpkins — we’d sit down to compare our hauls. To this day, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite candy, so I was always eager to trade for them. When my brother was very young, it was easy to unload some Necco Wafers for the more desirable Reese’s. But as he got older, he realized he could drive a harder bargain. Not to worry, though — as an adult, I can eat all the Reese’s I want. In fact, I have a tendency to eat way too many. That’s why I ask the staff to keep them away from me if they end up in our candy bowl. Under normal circumstances, I have no problem eating healthy. But something about peanut butter cups around Halloween — nostalgia, maybe — proves tough to resist.

While I may not have the same appetite for candy, I still have no trouble getting into the spirit of Halloween. Every year, the staff dresses up in themed costumes to celebrate. While everyone does a great job putting together a costume, I think the staff would say that Ryann takes things to another level entirely. Last year, we did New Orleans-themed costumes, and everyone was curious what Ryann would come up with. When she showed up dressed as the plastic baby you find inside a king cake, we were blown away. There’s no telling what she’s got up her sleeve this year. While we won’t reveal our 2018 costumes until the day of, keep an eye on our social media feeds (@NorthCountyWaterandSportsTherapyCenter on Facebook, @NCWSTC on Twitter, and @ncwaterandsportstherapycenter on Instagram) for photos from years past. Then, stop in on Halloween to see what we’ve come up with. Who knows? There might even be a Reese’s or two for you to enjoy. I want to wish everyone a wonderful start to their holiday season. If you have any favorite Halloween memories, I’d love to hear them the next time you’re in the office.

–Beth Scalone

If you have an appointment on Halloween, please feel free to dress up! Or feel free to drop by the office that day and show off your costume! All participants will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Gift Card!

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