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A low - voltage power supply unit (PSU) is required and is shown in the diagram but not included with this item. Use a 12V d.c. or 24V d.c. constant voltage supply appropriate for the LED modules used.

LED modules or FlexiLED

Manual push button or remote control versions

Below is an example of a suitable illuminated sign with dimming or flashing functions provided by this unit


Modules connected: 85 Watts connected: 25.5 Rated Watts of PS:30.0 Use rec. max Watts: 25.5 % of rated Watts used: 85.0% P/no: PSU30/12/IP68/R

LMD1 or LMD2

Flying - lead connection. Do not connect with reverse polarity. Do not overload. Unsuitable for constant current PSUs and LEDs (e.g. 350mA, 700mA Super Orbis LED) operation. Avoid direct sun or weather exposure. Avoid short circuit. Connect output to load first. Use only with Oshino LED drivers which are fitted with necessary safety devices. Does not switch driver off and switching of the normal ‘ mains ’ supply to the sign must be done at the primary of the LED driver. Do NOT connect to the normal ‘ Mains ’ supply. LMD1 remote version is intended for single unit, standalone use; although controllers and remote handsets are NOT ‘ keyed alike ’ (and spare remote handsets are not available to replaced lost handsets) it is possible that multiple pairs of controllers and remote handsets may conflict and interfere with neighbouring pairs within range. Part nos. and descriptions 1) LMD1 30W LED mini - dim - flash module and remote handset push - button dimmer / flasher module for 12/24V LED constant voltage modules / strip up to 30W max 2) LMD2 30W LED mini - dim - flash module only inline push - button manual dimmer / flasher module for 12/24V LED constant voltage modules / strip up to 30W DC max

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