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The CIPP Benchmarking Survey 2021 28 May 2021

Payroll Professionals have really been given a voice throughout the pandemic and were deservedly recognised as key workers. The CIPP’s Policy team is requesting that you use that voice to respond to our Benchmarking Survey.

The report compiled from the results of the survey can be utilised as a tool to highlight the current productivity of your payroll team in comparison with the wider market. It will also provide insight into the current salaries and benefits offered for various payroll roles, to establish whether your company is operating competitively or not. We need the input of you – the payroll professionals – who work in an operational environment and who strive to ensure that employees are paid both accurately and on time each pay period. To make this report a success, we need responses from as many of you as possible so that we can provide a true representation of the industry and how it currently works.

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete, and upon completion, respondents will receive a free copy of the report once it has been finalised.

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Payrolling of Benefits survey 2 June 2021

You may have noticed that HMRC referred to the P11D process as being ‘legacy’ within the Employer Bulletin: April 2021. Whilst businesses can report taxable benefits using either P11Ds or by payrolling benefits in real time, there does seem to be a shift towards encouraging the practice of payrolling benefits. The CIPP is carrying out some work in conjunction with HMRC to understand how many businesses submit P11Ds and how many process benefits via payroll. The Policy team has created a survey which explores that exact topic and aims to understand the reasons behind why businesses use the method that they do.

The survey also asks if there are any key barriers for businesses when it comes to payrolling benefits, where they are using the P11D process, and asks questions around deadline dates and the guidance that is available.

The survey should take approximately three minutes to complete and will be available until 30 June 2021. We are aware that payroll professionals are extremely busy at the moment and really appreciate any time that is taken to respond to the survey.

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CIPP Payrolling of Benefits survey 9 June 2021

One of the key areas of work carried out by the Policy team relates to research and collating the views and feedback of payroll professionals on the processes and work that they carry out within their jobs.

The CIPP is currently working alongside HMRC to establish which method employers use to report taxable benefits. Do they utilise the ‘legacy’ P11D process, do they payroll benefits in real time or do they use a combination of both?

In order to understand which practices are used, a new survey on the topic of payrolling benefits has been produced, which also explores the reasons behind why businesses use the processes that they do. Additionally, there are questions that address deadline dates and ask for opinions on the usefulness of the guidance that is currently available.

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Payroll: need to know

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