Report to the Nation 2016

Ten years after Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) charted a course for a future of No More Victims® through the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving ®, fatalities caused by the leading killer on our nation’s roadways have been reduced by 24 percent. Yet, we still have much work to do to stop the completely preventable crime of drunk driving. MADD continues to change America’s attitude toward drunk driving by serving thousands of victims and helping them turn their grief into advocacy. MADD victims and volunteers are working across the country to pass more effective laws and push for technologies that will one day eliminate drunk driving. CAMPAIGN TO ELIMINATE DRUNK DRIVING 10 TH ANNIVERSARY


Matthew Klotzbach Killed by a drunk driver 5/30/79-7/29/01

2006 Drunk driving caused 13,000 fatalities more than causing 2016 have dropped 24% Drunk driving fatalities to 32% of all fatal crashes 10,000 more than

The Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving launched in 2006 when reductions in drunk driving deaths had stalled. MADD reviewed the research, data, and best practices across the country and examined proven traffic safety plans from the past to create an effective and innovative blueprint to finally put an end to drunk driving. Drunk driving still claims the lives of more than 10,000 victims and changes the lives of 290,000 survivors every year. Laws in some states desperately need improvement. Law enforcement officers work tirelessly and need our support. Technological advancements can’t come soon enough. By focusing on countermeasures in place today, laws we can pass tomorrow, and future technologies that will make cars safer in the future, we will reach our ultimate goal — No More Victims®.

Matthew Klotzbach wanted to serve his country as a U.S. Navy pilot. As a midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy preparing for his junior year, Matthew came home to Livermore, Calif., to visit his family for his summer break. After a family outing to the beach, Matthew and his parents, Mary and Tom Klotzbach, were returning home when a drunk driver whose license was suspended crashed into the Klotzbach family’s vehicle, killing Matthew. Since that tragic day, Mary and Tom have drawn upon their grief to make a difference in California and across the country. This year, after 15 years of advocating for change in California, a new drunk driving law was passed that will save lives. As Mary likes to say, “Matthew took an oath to serve his country, he is serving in a way none of us anticipated.”

This report is dedicated to Matthew, Mary and Tom, the Klotzbach Family, and all the victims of the 100 percent preventable crime of drunk driving.

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