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The Difference Is Persistence

It has been proven over and over that anyone can be successful in this business. The key is to increase your number of customers each week! Anyone can do it! It just takes persistence! Those who team up with others and have weekly presentations in their homes thrive! It does not happen all at once…it is a business! If I wanted to change my life building a substantial residual income, I would make sure that nothing stood in my way of having a Melaleuca Overview in my home each week. Or I would team up with someone else to trade off homes week by week. I would do this because I have seen the fruits of consistency and persistence. Sometimes people dream but do not follow through with pursuing and capturing their dreams. Our formula for success is easy: we add customers, one at a time. Executive Directors make in excess of one hundred thousand dollars per year. They became Executive Directors by enroling new customers consistently each week and by helping a few of those customers become Directors. This is not a lottery where you hope you win if they draw your number against million-to-one odds. Your success is guaranteed! If you consistently enrol new customers each week, you will get there. It will not happen any other way, but it will happen if you discipline yourself and follow through, week after week. I am thrilled by tens of thousands of families that are reaping financial rewards from their Melaleuca business. I continue to be impressed by the fact that it doesn’t matter if someone has an education or not, or if they come from a specific background or not. The opportunity is the same for everyone. (I love that part!) Persistence is the key! Put first things first! If you set your Melaleuca business on the “back burner,” you will never reach your goals. It’s not easy, but it is simple. The only ones who do not succeed are the ones who do not enrol customers consistently, week after week.


As each month goes by and my calendar switches to a new month, I marvel at how quickly time is flying by. It always seems like there is so much more to do or so much more that could be done if only I had the time! I realize more than ever that taking action now on the most important things is the only way I will accomplish those things that are most meaningful in my life. Each month, I wait with great anticipation to see who is going to advance that month. It thrills me to see all their lives change as their financial burdens are lifted from them and they can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I realize that, for most of them, Melaleuca is something that they do in addition to their full-time job. In building a successful Melaleuca business, I know that they have had to be diligent and persistent in contacting and presenting to new customers. Somehow they have found the time to pursue their dreams. They have not allowed anything to stop them. They put first things first, and their lives will be different from now on – because they pursued their dreams. Each month, Melaleuca sends out tens of millions of dollars in bonus checks and commission checks. The size of those monthly checks ranges from one dollar to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The size of the check is always relative to the number of customers that each Marketing Executive has in their organization.

As time flies by, I feel a sense of urgency to communicate clearly the opportunity that exists when we help others reach their goals. It starts with the enrolment process. We do not need to hurry and we do not need to rush. But we cannot let this week go by without at least one new customer. It is persistence that creates success! Everyone who wants to do it can – if they put first things first. And enroling new customers is always the first thing in building a Melaleuca business.

Anyone can do it! It just takes persistence!








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