Regenerative Physical Therapy - January 2020




I’ve always believed there is nothing better than enjoying a pint or two at a local brewery, admiring local artwork, and laughing at local jokes from an up-and-coming comic or jamming out with local bands. There’s just something special about the atmosphere and space that creates these pockets of support and emphasis for local artists, creators, and makers. When I lived in Atlanta, I was lucky enough to live about five minutes away from Orpheus Brewing. I enjoyed heading that way during my free evenings, and while I did love their beer, I was more enamored with the space. It created an opportunity for the community to come together, bond over a brew, and enjoy the work we were doing to create a welcoming environment and scene.

My brother and I have this whole vision mapped out for the place. We’ve already decided we would call it Curmudgeon, and it’s a dream we talk about a lot. I really do love the job I have today and how we help others find relief. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had. But I also want to find additional ways I can get involved in the community, and my homebrewing hobby is an avenue I want to explore for this purpose.

I’ve been homebrewing since this past fall, and I’ve really enjoyed it as a creative outlet. At the time of writing, I’m sporting a coconut porter and a grapefruit India pale ale. I’m pretty proud of how these concoctions have turned out, and my taste- testers — very supportive friends and family — seemed to enjoy the brews as well. I’m excited to try a new batch, called a Milkshake IPA, during which I plan to do a little experimenting with flavoring in different barrels. Who knows what the next decade has in store or what will come from my brewing dream. For now, I can’t wait to continue refining my craft and creating brews I can be proud of while still settling into a local brewery, a frothy pint in hand, and taking in the support of our community.

Whenever I visit a new place, I’m always keen on checking out the brewery scene. I find you can often learn a lot about a new place based on their brews, and I love seeing what kind of events and local flair I can find in these spaces. I thrive on community involvement, and while I’m also passionate about the job I have today, I know someday I’d love to connect with our greater Orlando community in a different sense. As we enter a new decade, I can’t help but think that in the next 10 years, I’d love to open up my own brewery and coffee shop. I want to create a space where people feel comfortable coming in each morning to grab their regular drink and hunker down with some work. I want the space to transform into a relaxing place for after-work hangouts and meetups while also supporting the local community through music and art. We’d serve small plates of food, too, rounding out our offerings for the whole community.


-Daniel Tribby



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