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regarding the location. Some of these issues I might be able to solve, and others may be completely out of my control. I look for any kinds of neighboring issues such as an excess of cars parked in the neighbor’s driveway or junk piled in a neighbor’s backyard. Then I look at any infrastructure issues near the home such as high wires located too close, any double yellow lines on the street in front of the home indicating a high traffic road, is it near a busy stop sign or traffic lights, across from a school, fire station or hospital, or (in the case of this Spanish-style house) located next to a major freeway. Once establishing that this house was located uncom- fortably close to a highly travelled freeway, I concluded that this was the reason this home had been sitting on the market longer than it should have. Because I had a good idea of what I’d be walking into, I felt the home was still worth taking a closer look at. Upon driving up to the house you could see it did have potential for great curb appeal and was in a very clean, desirable neighborhood! However, I opened the car door and the sound of rushing

for a great profit grow, I asked myself “What could be so wrong with this house?” So, I decided to investigate this potential investment! My footwork began, as with any investment properties I buy, without taking a single step. I always begin my research on a property by looking at a satellite view of it. I look for a number of different potential issues

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