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cars driving down the freeway was an immediate turn off. At that point I knew any investor/buyer would have gotten back in their car saying, “No Thank You!” and would not have taken a further look. This home was in desperate need of a creative solution! Since I always love a good challenge, I felt the need to keep investigating the situation and come up with a solu- tion. I began by imagining approaching the home frommy car as though I were a potential buyer. How would they park and approach the home themselves? The home had a large driveway and the front of the home lent itself to creating a courtyard feel to it, which would be in keeping with the Spanish design of the home. Then it dawned on me that the perfect solution to help mask the sound of cars would be to add a water feature to the courtyard! If I could find a water fountain with a sub - stantial pump to move enough water, it could very well create a pleasant sound that could cover up the unpleasant sound of the freeway. Water features also evoke resort liv- ing which comes across as relaxing and soothing. With this home having great curb appeal and now cre- ating an intriguing sound for buyers to hear when arriving at the home, a creative solution was all it would take to help buyers move past the front of the home and on to the inside! Once inside this home the construction was solid with thick walls and good insulation, which completely cov-

ered any outside sounds. After staging the home to create a cozy feel during our open house we included background music to further give the home a more realistic feel of how it might feel once being lived in. Moving on to the back patio where you found a swimming pool, again another water feature was added to create a soothing sound. Taking this home and not only creating something beautiful to look at but also taking on and addressing a sound challenge as well was just the solution this invest- ment property needed. In the end this home was sold for full asking price the first day on the market. It may have been a bigger risk than other homes I invest in, but because of that the reward was that much greater! Find- ing creative solutions to those more difficult investment properties can mean big dollars in return in the end. •

About the Designer: Growing up assisting my father building and investing in strip malls, it was clear at an early age that real estate investing was a natural path for me to take. I received a formal education in design from the Interior Designers Institute of Newport Beach, California, and have more than 30 years of experience in commercial real estate development, custom home building, and flipping houses. Contact me at or

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