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Ted Talk

Goodbye 2020

I ’ m a firm believer in waiting until after Thanksgiving to put up any Christmas decorations. My thought is that we need to appreciate each holiday as a separate and distinct event and give it the attention it deserves. This year, however, I put up some decorations early, and my wife heartily supported it. “ More joy however we can get it, ” she exclaimed, “ especially this year! ” With a chill in the air and the festive decorations going up in Orange and Gordonsville, I am enjoying a little bit of normalcy and familiarity during a year I will not soon forget, but can ’ t wait to put behind us. I invite you to take time out from the holiday preparations to spend at least a little time enjoying the atmosphere, renewing your spirit, and just taking some “ down time. ” I always promise myself I will do that, only to end up in a mad rush to get things done before the end of the year. Not this time. We all deserve the chance to decompress and recharge our batteries after the year we ’ ve been through. As I look back on the year, despite the adversities, we ’ ve accomplished a great deal. To me this demonstrates the power of the human spirit and our ability as an organization and a community to be creative and resilient. I ’ ll be looking forward to working with you in 2021. Imagine what we can do together when things are more “ normal. ”

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

- Ted Voorhees, Orange County Administrator

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Please Support

Orange County


this Holiday season.


Page 2 | December 2020 Pa e 2 r 2020

“ Orange County is Retail Ready ” In November, Orange County Economic Development launched a new campaign, “ Orange County is Retail Ready, ” to support consumer - facing businesses this holiday season. For the months of November and December, Orange County Economic Development is highlighting retail, service, restaurant, and other small businesses throughout the County. The campaign is mainly being conducted over social media and includes informative blogs and video footage from local businesses. Rose Deal, Director of Economic Development says, “ We recognize that consumers are receiving mixed and conflicting messages about safe behavior, which has created confusion, anxiety, and may have impacted willingness to shop locally this year. In response, our office has launched a marketing campaign that will help customers feel safe shopping. Be sure to visit our local shopping guide. We want our residents and visitors to know that Orange County is Retail Ready! ”

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The Bounce Back Orange County Small Business Grant offers grants up to $10,000 to qualified businesses and organizations. Rounds 1 and 2 of the Bounce Back Orange Small Business Grant program were funded using federal CARES Act funds provided to Orange County and administered by Community Investment Collaborative (CIC). During the first two (2) rounds, the program awarded approximately $492,000 in total to local organizations through sixty - four (64) individual grants. “ The Orange County Board of Supervisors has been very proactive in responding to COVID - 19, by quickly adopting a County CARES Act spending plan aimed at providing support to residents and businesses alike. The Bounce Back Orange Small Business Grant program is one of the many ways the Board is able to ensure that small businesses and organizations receive the support they needed in order to help them keep their doors open and their employees employed, ” noted Rose Deal, Director of Orange County Economic Development. Round 3 of the Bounce Back Small Business Grant, funded directly by Orange County, will open on Monday, January 4, 2021 and close Friday, January 15, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Interested business owners and organizations with zero (0) to one hundred (100) employees are encouraged to start the grant process by completing the required online interest form found at - resources, along with the full program details. For questions, please contact the Orange County Economic Development Office at (540) 672 - 1238.

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Local COVID - 19 testing sites

Minimizing Your Risk of COVID - 19 Infection This Holiday Season As we enter into winter we expect to see significantly rising COVID - 19 infection rates. While a vaccine is on the horizon, we must double down on our health precautions and try to keep our families and community safe until everyone is able to be vaccinated. Many of us are tired and want a normal life, but now is not the time to relax or give up.

COVID - 19 Drive - in Screening and Testing

111 Short Street Orange, VA 22960 Phone: (540) 672 - 9000 Orange Family Physicians

13198 James Madison Highway Orange, VA 22960

Phone: (540) 672 - 3010

UVA Primary Care Locust Grove

Please heed the following suggestions:

4376 Germanna Highway Locust Grove, VA 22508

• Health officials recommend limiting or eliminating socializing with those outside your own household this holiday season . Rising infection rates appear to be driven in part by small social gatherings. • Remember that even if someone feels well, they may be able to spread COVID - 19 to you and your loved ones. • If you must gather, choose an outdoor setting as weather permits. • Small indoor social gatherings should maintain at least six (6) feet of distance, before, during, and after the meal. • Consider single - use disposable utensils and dishware for serving and eating meals. • COVID - 19 spreads through the air. Encourage guests to wear masks except to eat and to drink while widely separated. Have an extra supply of masks, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol, and tissues on hand. • Wash and disinfect guest areas before and after holiday gatherings.

Phone: (540) 972 - 7798

Information Links

CDC - coronavirus/2019 - nCoV/index.html CDC Holiday Gathering - https:// - ncov/ daily - life - coping/holidays.html Virginia Department of Health - https:// Coronavirus Self Checker - https:// - ncov/ symptoms - testing/coronavirus - self - checker.html What to do if you are potentially exposed - https:// local - exposure/ Mayo Clinic ’ s Coronavirus State Tracking Map –Compare Orange to neighboring counties - https:// - covid - 19/map/virginia

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Parks & Recreation Presents the 2020 Tacky Lights Tour

The Orange County Tacky Lights Tour, hosted by Orange County Parks & Recreation returns in 2020 to shine some light into a year that desperately needs it. This event is in its 4th year of operation. Unlike the Office Costume and the Gingerbread House events, this program is not a contest, but rather a light - hearted tour. As such, entry is free and there are no display requirements , so long as decorations are family friendly. After a tough year, our local corps of Griswoldians has resoundingly answered the call to offer beacons of hope through the time - honored art of exterior illumination. In fact, participation this year increased by nearly 42% to a total of eighteen houses, and truly spans the county. Display locations included this year extend nearly to either end of the county! The Parks & Recreation Department knows that households decorate out of the goodness of their hearts and expect no compensation. However, to commemorate their efforts the office has traditionally provided a small thank - you gift. This year, this appreciation takes the form of an etched metal ornament shaped like the event logo. P&R hopes that these ornaments help keep the memory of their participation bright year after year. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide an enjoyable family activity, which is perhaps needed now more than ever. Parks & Recreation wants county residents and visitors to load up the old front - wheel drive sleigh with their households and go enjoy some of the best light displays in the area. To that end, the guide is formatted as a trifold brochure. which is available electronically at, or in printed form at the Parks & Recreation office and the Orange County Visitor Center. The brochure provides a link to a Google Map to help folks plan their routes. Parks & Recreation would like to remind those following the tour that they must follow all general traffic laws. They should not trespass on private property, and of course, they should NOT use their phones while driving. Have a great tour!

“ Tacky Lights ” and “ Gingerbread Contest ” by Jayson Woods of the Parks & Recreation Department

Page 9 | December 2020

Gingerbread House Contest 2020 Brings Cheer to Downtown Visitors through Storefront Displays

Orange County Parks & Recreation Department thanks all sponsors, partners, participants, host businesses, and the public for their generous support.

The Orange County Gingerbread House Contest developed from an idea originally sprung from the creative mind of OCPR staff member, Rosanna Zamudio; the contest is historically hosted inside the Arts Center in Orange, where the structures can be viewed in a gallery all at once. Due to social distancing requirements, Parks & Recreation had to reimagine how to hold the contest safely. Charlotte Cole of the Orange Downtown Alliance (ODA) and Lori Landes - Carter of Orange County ’ s Tourism Department came up with a solution. Instead of hosting the structures in an interior gallery, why not make the entirety of Main Street in Orange an outdoor gallery? That way, viewers would be able to walk on Main Street and safely view the entries regardless of store hours. The ODA and the Arts Center in Orange encouraged Main Street businesses to volunteer their storefront window space to host the works of local gingerbread architects. In all, eight businesses came forward to help: Orange Pharmacy, Lacy ’ s Florist, Finders Keepers, Grelen Downtown, Wiley Real Estate, the Arts Center in Orange, Objects on Main, and Melrose Antiques. P&R received nine entries to fill the windows. Ballot boxes shaped like gingerbread houses (made by James Cole, the son of ODA Executive Director Charlotte Cole) were placed on both East and West Main Street. These boxes are so intricate that some thought they should win the contest! Though official judges decide 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, the public is able to vote for “ People ’ s Choice ”, a separate award with a prize on par with 1st place, by placing their vote in the ballot boxes. Prizes were provided by our sponsors, Partners 1st Federal Credit Union, Krecek Kakes, and Orange County Tourism, as well as our Partner organizations mentioned above. They include gift cards, sweet treats, and more!

Page 10 | December 2020

Orange County Cares Act Spending Plan and Coronavirus Response

By Glenda E. Bradley, ICMA - CM Assistant County Administrator for Management Services

The Commonwealth ’ s primary distribution of CARES Act funds to localities has been on a per capita basis. Orange County received two distributions of $3,232,557 each in June and August of 2020. In addition, the County has been awarded categorical aid ($2,224,732) from several state and federal agencies (also through the CARES Act) to fund specific targeted responses to the pandemic. These funds specifically funded programs for COVID - related initiatives in areas such as elections, childcare and tourism. Proposed spending plans for all allocations were approved by the Board of Supervisors and cover four proposed program areas: County Direct Response, Individual and Family Assistance, Business and Community Partner Support, Broadband Access Emergency Projects. The County Direct Response category totals $4,094,421 and addresses several areas of need. Expenditures in this section of the proposed spending plan include administrative leave for employees who could not work due to building closures, wages for expanded hours at the childcare centers, additional sanitation measures, office modifications to allow for social distancing, software and equipment to minimize the need for in - person business transactions and enhance teleworking capabilities, janitorial supplies and other equipment and supplies directly related to the coronavirus pandemic response. In addition, this allocation will reimburse the County for specific first responders ’ salaries during the time of the pandemic. For Individual and Family Assistance, a total of $328,610 has been appropriated for utility, rent and childcare assistance. The utility and rental assistance is being managed by the Department of Social Services who has partnered with other local assistance organizations to create criteria for eligibility, and process and approve applications. The childcare allocation will be shared between a contribution to the Boys and Girls Club (seek to serve up to 106 children with childcare each week) and grants/subsidies to the Office on Youth ’ s Childcare Programs (also serving approx. 100 children). The Business and Community Partner Support category totals $2,085,354. This includes funds allocated to assist Orange County businesses impacted by COVID - 19 in the amount of $515,000. These grants are being administered by the Community Investment Collaborative located in Charlottesville. An additional $20,000 has been reserved for a consumer confidence campaign to support local businesses. Allocations have also been made to several specific community partners impacted by COVID including the volunteer fire companies, Germanna Community College, the Central Virginia Regional Jail, the Rappahannock Juvenile Detention Center, local food pantries, local 4 - H Program and others. Allocations to the Towns of Orange and Gordonsville from CARES Act funds are included in this category and are based on population as shown below.

Allocation of CARES Act Funding to Towns




Population Percentage Funding Allocation

Source of Population Estimates

Town of Gordonsville

1,605 5,049

4.3319% 13.6272%

280,060 Most recent estimate-2018 Weldon Cooper 881,012 Most recent estimate-2018 Weldon Cooper

Town of Orange

Orange County


0.4341% 6,465,114

1,161,072 Population estimate used to distribute CARES Funds

Page 11 | December 2020

In the category of Broadband Access Emergency Projects, the County has allocated funds for the purchase of three mobile “ smart pods ” for funding ($180,000) which would create mobile hotspots that could be deployed and positioned depending on the particular need in the community at any point in time. An expansion of the existing wi - fi network at the Main Library is also included as more citizens take advantage of this resource. A special allocation through the Virginia Fast Track Broadband initiative was received totaling $1,999,620 to construct a wireless network throughout the County to facilitate students accessing the virtual learning platform in use by the Orange County Public School System. The wireless network is also available for small business owners and others to conduct business remotely due to COVID.

The chart below reflects the current budget for the County ’ s COVID response.

All Cares Act funds expenditures must be incurred, and services implemented by the end of calendar year 2020. The CARES Act provides that payments from the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) may only be used to cover costs that: • are necessary expenditures incurred due to the public health emergency with respect to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID– 19); • were not accounted for in the budget most recently approved as of March 27, 2020 (the date of enactment of the CARES Act) for the State or government; and

• were incurred during the period that begins on March 1, 2020, and ends on December 30, 2020.

Page 12 | December 2020



Page 13 | December 2020



Construction Progresses On

Orange County, Virginia

Public Safety Building (and Board Meeting Space)


Orange County, Virginia Public Safety Building Architect: Wiley Wilson Architect Contractor: Edifice Solutions

Building Specs: 34,000 sqft. including space/offices for: Orange County Sheriff ’ s Office, Emergency Communications Center (911), Information Technology Department, Fire & EMS Administration, Board of Supervisors ’ Meeting Room, Emergency Operations Center, County Datacenter, Sheriff ’ s Office, Vehicle Maintenance Bay, and Impound Lot

11282 Government Center Drive, Orange, VA 22960

Anticipated opening in the spring of 2021

Photos:1 - Front Entrance, 2 - Emergency Communications Center Dispatch (E - 911), 3 - Emergency Communications Center Dispatch Floor (raised flooring), 4 - Staff Kitchen & Dining Area, 5 - Rotunda & Main Hall (each department has its own “ entrance/ window ” to go through to move further into the building), 6 - Datacenter.

Page 14 | December 2020


Parks & Recreation Hosts

Second Annual Turkey Toss

Disc Golf Tournament

By Jayson Woods

Thomas Forrester participates n the tournament - photograph by Logan Forrester

Flight 2 Winners, Jeremy Butterfield and Darren Jones

Page 15 | December 2020

Photo by Darren Jones

Contestants enjoyed near - perfect weather as Orange County Parks & Recreation hosted the 2nd Annual Turkey Toss, a disc golf tournament, at the Orange County Disc Golf Course on Saturday, November. 21, 2020. The course played host to 28 participants, making up 14 teams for this doubles tournament, a 67% increase in participation over last year ’ s event. Parks & Recreation is thrilled to witness consistent growth in the course ’ s use since its opening in June of 2019. They believe its popularity stems from filling a niche that is not readily found in the region. Although designed to avoid intimidating those new to the sport, it is maintained at a level usually reserved only for top - tier courses. This has led to usage beyond department expectations from both residents and non - residents. The course has received an average rating of 3.8 in 101 reviews on the UDISC app. This rating exceeds most public courses in the area despite it being on the landscape for a much shorter time. The Turkey Toss Tournament reflects the spirit of the course itself as it allows for light competition (the event is not PDGA sanctioned) while encouraging a lot of fun through its use of two - person teams and fun formats like “ Captain ’ s Choice ” and “ Alternate Shot. ” Hosting an event like this lets seasoned players enjoy a new experience while allowing beginners to dip their toes in “ competitive ” waters without being intimidated. All players receive a commemorative disc and have the chance to win prizes like discs, hats, water bottles, and even a turkey - shaped trophy! Dynamic Discs, one of the leading suppliers of equipment for the sport, sponsored the event, provided many prizes, and created the custom - stamped discs that each player received. Two rounds made up the event, with the first round ’ s score determining the makeup of three flights for the second round. This is a way of handicapping the event so players can compete with those of similar abilities, at least for the latter half. The title, “ Overall Champion, ” went to first - time event participants Matt Beaulieu and Austin Gerber with a total two - round score of 93. Par for the course is 55, which makes their score a whopping 17 under - par! The top spot in flight two went to Jeremy Butterfield and Darren Jones, who scored 102. The third flight was won by Parks and Recreation ’ s own Tim Moubray and Jayson Woods with a score of 106. The tournament was a great success. Organizers were especially proud that most of the participants from last year ’ s event returned and that participation significantly increased. Parks & Recreation looks forward to hosting additional events at the course, perhaps even a spring or summer tournament. Disc golf is a fun activity that requires very little investment to get started. Parks & Recreation has worked to further remove any roadblocks that might remain. The course, located in the Lee Industrial Park at 11144 Litchfield Drive, Orange, VA 22960, is free to play and easily allows for social distancing. New participants need not even spend money on discs if they want to try the sport. The Orange County Parks & Recreation Department offers loaner discs through their office at no cost. Simply pick them up, try it out, and return the discs once finished. They sanitize the discs and keep them in a quarantine period before loaning the same ones out again. If you are interested or have any questions about the sport or the course, call (540) 672 - 5435 or visit - Golf - Course.

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Page 17 | December 2020

Healthy, tasty recipes presented by the

Orange County Extension Office

Enjoy this delicious, low - fat quick bread, which is also lower in sugar and carbohydrates because of the 1 ½ cups of carrots it contains! Substitute dried cranberries in place of the raisins for some holiday color! Perfect for holiday gift giving, or for Christmas brunch with a little low - fat cream cheese or unsweetened applesauce.


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly oil or spray with nonstick cooking spray a 9 inch by 5 inch loaf pan. Then, line the bottom of the pan with wax paper (the bottom only) and oil or spray. This will prevent the bread from sticking when you remove it from the pan. Stir together the first seven ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Make a well in the center of the dry mixture. In a separate small bowl, mix together the remaining ingredients. Add this mixture all at once to the well in the dry ingredients, stir just enough to moisten and evenly distribute the carrots and raisins. Turn into the prepared pan. Bake for 50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool for 5 minutes in the pan. Scrape sides, remove from pan, and place on a wire rack. Allow to cool for about an hour on a wire rack.

You will need:

1 ½ cups of all - purpose flour, sifted ½ cup sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder ¼ teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt 1 ½ teaspoons ground cinnamon ¼ teaspoon ground allspice 1 egg, beaten ½ cup water 2 tablespoons vegetable oil ½ teaspoon vanilla 1 ½ cups finely shredded carrots (about 3 medium or 15 baby carrots)

This recipe was taken from Keep the Beat: Heart Healthy Recipes from the National heart, Lung, and Blood institute, 2003.

Page 18 | December 2020

Citizens Ask...

Q: Is there a way to download the GIS layers on the County ’ s Web LoGIStics site?

A: All GIS layers the County offers for download are available on the County ’ s Open Data site. Data can be downloaded as a Spreadsheet, KML, or Shapefile. To access Orange Open Data, visit: https://data -

Q: How can I view my property information besides on GIS?

A: Property Cards can be viewed on the County ’ s ConciseCAMA site. For more information, visit the website: Disclaimer.aspx.

Join us in spreading cybersecurity awareness and encourage everyone to own their role in protecting internet - connected devices. “ Do Your Part.#BeCyberSmart. ” Visit for more information. Cybersecurity Tips

Page 19 | December 2020 Page 19 | December 2020



On Tuesday December 1, 2020 the Orange County Board of Supervisors approved a one (1) month extension of the 2020 personal property and second half real estate tax deadline. The revised tax payment deadline is Friday, January 5, 2021. The revised tax payment deadline is Friday, January 5, 2021. The Treasurer was authorized to grant up to an additional 60 days upon showing good cause due to impacts of the pandemic. Billing statements were mailed directly to citizens and amounts due are available here. The Orange County Treasurer ’ s Office is currently accepting payments through one of the following methods:

• Via drop box located at 112. W. Main Street Orange, Virginia 22960

• Online at Payments page of the Orange County website

• By mail to Orange County Treasurer, P.O. Box 469 Orange, VA 22960 For more information visit

Dawn Herndon, Treasurer | (540) 672 - 2656 |

Jayson Woods P&R Programs and Facilities Supervisor P&R Employment Date 7/01/12

Get to know Orange County staff... The Personnel File:

Jayson Woods, of the Parks and Recreation department is something of a “ Jack - of - all - trades. ” He does anything he can to keep P&R running smoothly. Jayson sets up Parks and Recreation programs (his own, and those by contract instructors) and handles registration, reserves facilities, handles social media for the department, does nearly all promotional material In - house, directs customer service, and occasionally maintains parks. Jayson ’ s “ special talents ” include his customer service and his computer skills. Jayson goes above and beyond trying to make sure the customer is happy. Jayson ’ s computer skills, in combination with his creativity, provide P&R with great promotional material for their programs.

According to Parks and Recreation Director, Tim Moubray, “ Jayson ’ s skill set, along with his strong work ethic, make my job very easy as a supervisor. I am very proud of our accomplishments as a department, and Jayson has played a major role in all of them. ” Jayson is married to Amber and has two children, Austin and Abigail. He is strong in faith and family. He loves the outdoors with an emphasis on hunting and fishing.

Page 20 | December 2020

Orange County Communications Department 112 W. Main Street P.O. Box 111 Orange, VA 22960


Meet Grady -

Ever have those days when you ’ re home alone and wish you had someone to talk to? Let us introduce you to Grady. This sweet, long legged 4 year old boy LOVES to talk! He is very affectionate and hand- some!!!! Grady is neutered and vaccinat- ed, has received his rabies shot, is dewormed, and tested for FIV/FLV. Grady prefers a home without dogs. He is litterbox trained. Grady would be thrilled to join your family under the tree this Christmas!

Visit us on Facebook See Adoptable Pets Here (540) 672 - 1124 Directions: 11362 Porter Road Orange VA 22960

Page 21 | December 2020 Happy Holidays! From The Orange County Animal Shelter

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