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Year 12

Prerequisites Year 11 Chemistry/Science.

Assessment The course contributes towards NCEA Level 2, with 13 of the 20 credits externally assessed through examination, and the remaining 7 credits internally assessed. The following Achievement Standards will be assessed: • AS 91910 (4 credits – internal) Carry out a practical investigation into a substance present in a consumer product using quantitative analysis. • AS 91164 (5 credits – external) Demonstrate understanding of bonding, structure and energy changes. • AS 91165 (4 credits – external) Demonstrate understanding of the properties

To attempt the Year 12 course, a reasonable performance in Year 11 NCEA Chemistry is preferred. Students who have done well in Year 11 NCEA Science may study Year 12 Chemistry, provided they have achieved AS 90944. These students may find the transition to the Year 12 course challenging and should consult the HoD of Chemistry prior to the end of Year 11. Description The Year 12 course includes the study of the underlying principles in the behaviour of many common substances, solutions, solids, energy, oxidation-reduction reactions, analytical work and organic chemistry. Patterns of behaviour and the understanding of principles are emphasised to a greater extent than the recall of knowledge. Students take on a greater role in chemical investigations in this course, with the introduction of specialist laboratory equipment and practical- based assessment tasks. Students will learn a variety of techniques for measuring and testing chemical substances to develop a holistic understanding of chemical systems at a deeper level. Practical demonstrations and experiments are explored on a frequent basis throughout the course. Students with a leaning towards practical and descriptive science can do well at this level, with skills in Mathematics being an added advantage.

of selected organic compounds. • AS 91166 (4 credits – external) Demonstrate understanding of chemical reactivity. • AS 91167 (3 credits – internal) Demonstrate understanding of oxidation reduction.

Additional topics are contained in the Year 12 course to maintain greater consistency and extension for students. The Olympiad training programme is offered to all students from Term 3 onwards. The three external standards will be assessed in a three-hour end-of-year examination timeslot. Trial examinations will be held during the year to help prepare students.

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