NCEA Course Booklet

Design & Visual Communication

Year 12

Prerequisites None. However, it is envisaged that those opting for this course have completed at least one year of study in this subject, preferably at Year 10 and Year 11. Description The course follows a similar format to Level 1 DVC, with a similar balance of internal and external standards. The focus is again on the interrelated graphics learning areas of graphics practice, design and visual communication, with design tasks based on either spatial or product design briefs to provide challenging and realistic problem-solving exercises. Students have the opportunity to explore the use of computer-aided design to develop and present ideas. The course is structured to enable students to extend their understanding and skills in designing to specified needs, and graphic communication from conceptual ideas to evaluation and presentation.

Assessment The course contributes towards NCEA Level 2, with 10 of the 19 credits externally assessed through portfolio submission, and the remaining 9 credits internally assessed.

The following Achievement Standards will be assessed:

• AS 91337 (3 credits – external) Use visual communication techniques to generate design ideas. • AS 91338 (4 credits – external) Produce working drawings to communicate technical details of a design. • AS 91339 (3 credits – external) Produce instrumental perspective projection drawings to communicate design ideas. • AS 91340 (3 credits – internal) Use the characteristics of a design movement or era to inform own design ideas.

• AS 91341 (6 credits – internal) Develop a spatial design through graphics practice.

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