NCEA Course Booklet

Year 13

Prerequisites Candidates for this course are expected to have completed the Level 2 Digital Technologies course successfully. Students who wish to take Year 13 Digital Technologies without successfully completing the Level 2 course will find the work demanding and must seek prior approval from the HoD Design & Digital Technologies. Description This project-based learning course encourages students to identify and plan a digital technologies project that addresses a real life need or opportunity. Students will utilise prior knowledge and new learning to develop their outcome through an interactive process that considers UX design methodologies and agile development processes. An essential part of this course is the planning and development of a digital technologies outcome which performs a specified task and is supported by electronic-based documentation.

Assessment The course contributes towards NCEA Level 3 and University Entrance, with about 20 credits. Students will select from the following Achievement Standards, based on strengths and interests: • AS 91900 (6 credits – internal) Conduct a critical inquiry to propose a digital technologies outcome. • AS 91903 (4 credits – internal) Use complex techniques to develop a digital media outcome. • AS 91907 (6 credits – internal) Use complex processes to develop a digital technologies outcome. • A 91906 (6 credits – internal) Use complex programming techniques to develop a computer program. • AS 91908 (3 credits – external) Analyse an area of computer science. • AS 91909 (3 credits – external) Present a reflective analysis of developing a digital outcome.

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