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Geography studies the world we live in and how people relate to the environment. The environment is a set of natural and cultural phenomena all interacting with each other.

Year 12

maps, topographical maps, graphs, statistics • Investigating other countries at different levels of development • Interviewing, recording, research • Gathering resources, using newspapers, texts, magazines, year books • Problem solving, current issues, resource conflict The course may include a combination of the following topics: • Large natural landscapes: South Island High Country and/or • Differences within Vietnam • Urban patterns looking at the patterns of murder in Chicago • Wilding Pines in the High Country

Prerequisites No prerequisites are required for NCEA Geography, but a consistent level of Stage 3 or above across a range of Year 11 courses is recommended for success at Level 2. Description Geography used to be a subject where you had to learn long lists of facts. It is much more interesting than that today. It allows you to enquire into the world in which you live. The course involves: • Field trips, local surveys, case studies • Models, simulation activities • Observing, looking, listening, writing, summarising • Reading aerial photographs and using weather

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