NCEA Course Booklet

Year 12

Prerequisites It is recommended that students have completed Level 1 History and have satisfactory achievement in research, interpretation and communication. Students who have not studied History will be eligible to be admitted with satisfactory performances in Level 1 English and/or Geography by approval of the HoD. Description The course will follow the theme of “Title Fight for the World”, focusing on the development of the modern world from 1870–1960.

Assessment This course contributes towards NCEA Level 2, with 14 of the 28 credits externally assessed by examination, and the remaining 14 credits internally assessed.

The following Achievement Standards will be assessed:

• AS 91229 (4 credits – internal) Carry out a planned inquiry of an historical event, or place, of significance to New Zealanders. • AS 91230 (5 credits – internal) Examine an historical event, or place, of significance to New Zealanders. • AS 91231 (4 credits – external) Examine sources of an historical event of

The course analyses:

• Nationalistic aspirations • Political experiments and developments • War and impact on nationhood

significance to New Zealanders. • AS 91232 (5 credits – internal)

Interpret different perspectives of people in an historical event of significance to New Zealanders. • AS 91233 (5 credits – external) Examine causes and consequences of a significant historical event. • AS 91234 (5 credits – external) Examine how a significant historical event affected New Zealand society. The internally assessed Achievement Standards involve historical research and communicating the major findings. The end-of-year examination will assess the external Achievement Standards. The main focus of the examination is the assessment of resource interpretation, content knowledge and writing ability.

The topics taught include:

• Origins of World War I, 1870–1915 • Conflict in Vietnam 1945–1975 • The assassination of John F Kennedy

The major focus for the year will be to apply significant world events in the modern world and how this impacted on New Zealand – for instance, the contribution of New Zealand to the major conflicts and the reactions back home. Research topics are likely to range from the assassination of JFK and the significance to New Zealand, to civilian massacres and world reaction – for instance, the My Lai massacre.

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