NCEA Course Booklet

Year 13

Prerequisites None, although strong literacy skills are recommended.

The following Achievement Standards will be assessed: • AS 91492 (3 credits – internal)

Demonstrate understanding of the media representation of an aspect of New Zealand culture or society. • AS 91493 (4 credits – external) Demonstrate understanding of a relationship between a media genre and society. • AS 91252 (4 credits – internal) Produce a design for a media product that meets the requirements of a brief. • AS 91253 (6 credits – internal) Produce a media product to meet the requirements of a brief.

Description This revolves around the key question – does society shape media or the other way around? By looking at a range of media texts, students will explore the interchange between societal norms and media. Students will also be taught conventions of film making and be required to plan, produce, and edit a podcast series or short film. Assessment This course contributes towards NCEA Level 3 and University Entrance, with 4 of the 17 credits externally assessed by examination, and the remaining 13 credits internally assessed.

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