NCEA Course Booklet

Year 12


Prerequisites French Language 1, French Language 2, French Language 3, French Language 4.

Assessment This course contributes towards NCEA Level 2, with 10 of the 24 credits externally assessed by examination, and the remaining 14 credits internally assessed. The following Achievement Standards will be assessed: • AS 91118 (5 credits – external) Demonstrate understanding of a variety of spoken French texts on familiar matters. • AS 91119 (5 credits – internal) Interact using spoken French to share information and justify ideas and opinions in different situations. • AS 91120 (4 credits – internal) Give a spoken demonstration in French that communicates information, ideas and opinions. • AS 91121 (5 credits – external) Demonstrates understanding of a variety of written and/or visual French texts on familiar matters. • AS 91122 (5 credits – internal) Write a variety of text types in French to convey information, ideas and opinions in genuine contexts.

Description Students are encouraged to use French variably and effectively in order to express and justify their personal perspectives, explore the opinions of others in sustained interactions and to respond critically to increasingly varied and complex texts. Cultural knowledge is important as they learn to analyse how French expresses cultural meaning and how it is organised for different purposes and audiences. Students are actively encouraged to formulate opinions on issues relevant to teenagers, both here and in France. They are exposed to a variety of media and written genres. Text types include digital communications, Internet sites, news items, and reviews. Technology provides more and more source material for current issues. This material becomes more and more authentic and less written for second language learners. Topics include latest trends, personal relationships, future plans, holidays here and abroad, health and wellbeing. A laptop with headphones is required, along with an A4 Lever Arch file with dividers.

NB: Course work is important preparation for formal assessment. It is expected that students complete course tasks as the feedback from these has a direct bearing on the final summative assessments. Failure to complete sufficient course work can lead to students not being eligible for Achievement Standards assessment because they have not produced evidence of learning or preparation for a particular standard.

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