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Workshop Technology

Students will be exposed to risks in the Technology workshops when using tools and machinery. These risks are mitigated through compliance with the Ministry of Education Safety in Technology Education guidance manual that outlines recommended Year levels for the use of tools and machinery. As part of the Technology curriculum, students learn how to ensure safe practice through guidance of correct tool and machinery use, and hazard identification.



Teacher-only use

Circular saw, mitre/compounding/ sliding (drop) saw, surface planer, thicknesser, vertical spindle moulder.

High Years 12–13

Aluminium-casting pouring.

Medium Years 10–11

Aluminium-casting moulding, arc welding, hand held belt sander, bench grinder, disk grinder, cut-off saw, angle grinder, jigsaw, linisher, nibbler, oxyacetylene equipment, polishing machine, hand-held router. Hand tools, band saw, battery-operated drill, bench drill, disk sander, hand shears, horizontal borer, hot air gun, hot glue gun, 3D printers, laser cutters, lathe (wood and metal), hand held orbital sander, scroll saw, sewing machine, soldering iron, spot welder, vacuum former, CNC routers.

Low Year 9

Tools and machinery not listed above will be risk assessed as required prior to use.

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