NCEA Course Booklet

Workshop Technology

Year 12

Materials Technology

Prerequisites None. However, it is envisaged that those opting for this course have completed at least one year of study in Workshop Technology, preferably at Year 10 and Year 11. Description This course offers a mix of internal and external Achievement standards that are assessed against project-based learning. This practical course uses literacy-based assessments that will require students to analyse a design context and explain their decision-making based on research, stakeholder feedback, conceptual design development and implementation of workshop machinery and process. Students will use a range of digital and traditional machinery and tools. The breakdown of time allocation for this course equates to about 60% in a workshop environment, and 40% in a design and theory classroom.

Assessment This course contributes towards NCEA Level 2, with 4 of the 22 credits externally assessed by portfolio submission, and the remaining 18 credits internally assessed.

The following Achievement Standards will be assessed:

• AS 91344 (6 credits – internal) Implement advanced procedures. • AS 91356 (6 credits – internal) Develop a conceptual design for an outcome. • AS 91357 (6 credits – internal) Undertake effective development to make and trial a prototype. • AS91363 (4 credits – external) Demonstrate understanding of sustainability in design.

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