Year 10 Course Booklet

All the world's a stage Explore English through theatre. From Shakespeare to Sainsbury, we discover how plays have changed over time through both study and performance.

Text types: artwork, poetry, short stories

Recommended for students interested in New Zealand art, history, identity and literature.

It's the little things that count Look at thematic connections in film and literature that celebrate moments of joy and beauty. This is all about looking at the little moments of pleasure in the everyday.

Text types: drama (plays), film.

Recommended for students interested in drama and theatre and exploring these texts through a literary lens.

Fake it until you make it It is no secret that marketing can persuade us to spend, but in what ways? Focus on advertising within specific time periods. We will investigate how language and visual aids are used to blindside the truth. Clever marketing can easily fool even the most careful person into believing they are making the right choice – find out if it is you.

Text types: poetry, film, creative writing.

Recommended for students interested in the joy that can come from a good story.

An eye for an eye: retribution and revenge

Delve into the distinctly human phenomenon of revenge.

Text types: print, film, online advertisements.

Text types: short stories, creative writing.

Recommended for students interested in the power of media and marketing.

Recommended for students interested in exploring philosophical ideas and applying them to different texts.

On the cutting-room floor Explore visual texts as a mode of storytelling. Look specifically at how a director's choices do make a difference.

The evolution of English Travel to the past to examine the origins of English since Anglo-Saxon times, taking a fascinating journey through Old English, Middle English and Modern English. Speculate about the future of English, based on contemporary trends, and invent your own version of the English of the future. Text types: a range of excerpts across different historical periods. Recommended for students interested in the amazing nuances of language.

Text types: cartoons, graphic novels, film.

Recommended for students interested in film studies.

Our New Zealand identity Explore the relationship between New Zealand Ma¯ ori visual artists and New Zealand literature and how they mapped an important phase in carving a modern identity for our culture.


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