Year 10 Course Booklet

Core courses

Classic games Past, presence and future. Students can develop complex motor skills, a range of interpersonal skills and an understanding around tactical awareness while participating in a variety of practical activities. Students also explore the factors that may have influenced their choices about physical activity and the issues that may have contributed to these decisions.

Invasion games

Students develop and demonstrate strong interpersonal skills within a sporting environment while managing relationships within a team. Boys participate in a wide variety of team situations, exploring the many challenges and competitions associated with running a sporting team. Students look at the many roles around team preparation, performance improvement and tournament organisation, as well as managing the many relationships that come with assigning roles to teammembers. Using the sports education model, students examine key aspects of team selection/ draft, preseason, competition, post-season and awards ceremonies. This course has a mix of theory and practical elements.

Areas covered:

• Rugby • Basketball • Football • Hockey • Water polo • Development of skills, strategies, tactics, motor-skill learning Exploring games and movement Students explore factors that have affected choices around physical activity and look at how non-traditional games work with, and enhance, New Zealand society and culture.

Areas covered:

• NFL • Lacrosse • Tchoukball/Handball • AFL (Aussie Rules) • Gaelic football • Development of skills, strategies, tactics, motor-skill learning

Areas covered:

• Kabaddi • Kı¯ O Rahi and tapuae • Karate • Yoga/dance/zumba • Games from other cultures and movement-based activities


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