Year 11 Course Booklet

Physical Education

By the end of Year 11, you will have completed one of the two Core courses in Physical Education. A Prep Physical Education course is also available as an optional subject. All Year 11 Core and Prep courses are four periods a week for one semester



Move to improve Students will investigate and develop an

Sports science This course is highly recommended for any student considering taking Level 2 Physical Education. This course will build on the basic biophysical and socio-cultural principles that have been introduced in the Year 10 courses and enhance these ideas and themes. This course will cover a range of scientific content and sociological ideas and investigates how the ideas of Physical Education relate to real-world situations and practices. The main themes covered within this course include: • Influence of Exercise on Hauora • Anatomy & Biomechanics • Exercise Physiology • Principles of Training • Sport Sociology (S.P.E.E.E.C.H. Factors) These themes will be explored through a range of different topics both practically and theoretically and will encourage students to think critically about how science and sociology can be used to enhance sports and personal performance.

understanding of what processes are involved in learning a complex motor skill. Students will also explore and demonstrate interpersonal skills within a variety of sporting contexts. Students will participate in a wide variety of different activities and sporting contexts focusing on skill development and interpersonal skills. Students will then develop and refine different strategies as they look to enhance their performance of a chosen skill or movement. Active in Leisure Students will explore the importance of physical activity, recreation and sport as part of overall Hauora, Wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. Students will participate in a wide variety of different activities and sporting contexts focusing on developing positive habits and attitudes towards exercise. Development of fitness programmes, exploring interpersonal skills and participation in recreational activities will be part of the course. Students will also investigate the sociological influences on participation in physical activity for young people.

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