Big Bend Road PLAT Study

the Big Bend Road and Kings Lake Drive intersection containing several retail, service, and restaurant businesses. On the west side of Kings Lake Drive and Old Big Bend Road, there is a complex with a daycare center, medical and service offices, as well as a gas station and convenience stores. The intersection at US 41 has two gas stations with convenience stores and a landscape nursery. Future land use of light industrial and higher density mixed use, as well as Competitive Sites in the vicinity of this intersection may offer the opportunity for additional commercial growth here. A proposed mixed-use retail, hotel, office, and restaurant complex known as Southshore Commons has been proposed for the 612 -acre South Bend DRI property on the southwest corner of the I-75 and Big Bend Road interchange, including up to approximately 1.6 million square feet of retail, almost 900,000 square feet of office space, 750 hotel rooms, and approximately 1,800 dwelling units. 4.2.5 Hospital East of Simmons Loop on the south side of the corridor is St. Joseph’s Hospital – South, a 114-bed hospital. St. Joseph’s – South is undergoing expansion and renovation in two-phases; Phase 1 includes a new five-story building with an expansion to the emergency department with a completion date of April 2019, and Phase 2 which includes an addition of medical/surgical floors a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), pediatric care rooms, and other spaces expected to be completed in December 2020. A Veterans Administration (VA) Outpatient Clinic off US 301 north of Big Bend Road is expected to open in 2019. 4.2.6 Industrial There are several industrial facilities within the study area and around the study area boundaries that have an influence on traffic in the corridor: › › The TECO Big Bend Power Station is located on 1,500 acres at the western end of Big Bend Road. › › The Cemex Big Bend plant is located at 6002 Big Bend Road, on the north side of Big Bend Road, on the western side of the study area. This location is a ready-mix concrete facility. › › National Gypsum has a gypsum board plant within the study area. The facility uses solid waste byproduct gypsum from the TECO power plant to produce wallboard. › › BETER Mix Concrete Plant is located on 401 Big Bend Road, near the corner of Big Bend Road and US 41. This plant is a ready-mix concrete batching center. Port Redwing is located north of the study area, on the western end of a peninsula on Pembroke Road. In September 2017, the Tampa Port Authority approved a bid to build a road on the peninsula. The road and infrastructure are expected to be completed in three years and may draw additional industrial and manufacturing uses to the area. There are four competitive sites on the Port Redwing peninsula which are outside the study area. These competitive sites may also serve to draw industrial and manufacturing uses to the area. The Port Redwing/Big Bend Business District has been identified in the LRTP as a Key Economic Space; categorized as an activity center that has a high concentration of jobs and/or commercial development, typically at least 5,000 jobs as of 2010.


Hillsborough County • October 2019

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