Big Bend Road PLAT Study

Two mobility hubs are identified in the SouthShore Transit Study within this activity center. 8.4.2 Potential Development Form Land U se This activity center has the potential to redevelop as a Connected Suburban center and continue connectivity with the Simmons Loop – Lincoln Road center to the west. Existing residential in the northwest quadrant of this activity center includes low density residential and a mobile home park. These parcels offer a higher potential for redevelopment in the future than other parts of the study area. One potential redevelopment strategy could be to transform the existing commercial use adjacent to the intersection with the parcel the mobile home park occupies and redesign with an urban feel. Figures 36 and 37 show an example of how a shopping mall in a sprawling suburban area was redesigned with walkable, low speed streets, and a mix of uses at an appropriate density. Transportation With existing and future residential development, a well-connected local street network is essential. Enhancements for multimodal travel options and access to the proposed mobility hubs will encourage a connected suburban development pattern. Big Bend Road from Simmons Loop to US 301 and from US 41 to Covington Garden Drive has been programmed by Hillsborough County for a PD&E study to widen from four to six lanes.

Figure 36. Redesign - Mashpee Commons, MA Before



Hillsborough County • October 2019

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