Big Bend Road PLAT Study

8.4 US 301 8.4.1 Existing Development Context Land U se

The 2040 Vision identifies the intersection of US 301 and Big Bend Road as High Intensity Suburban. Future land uses include Office Commercial, Urban Mixed-Use-20, Community Mixed-Use-12 and residential uses with densities ranging from four to nine dwelling units per acre. Development to the east of US 301 is primarily residential with low redevelopment potential. Typical and allowable land uses for the Urban Mixed-Use 20 category include up to 20 dwelling units per gross acre, commercial uses such as a shopping mall, office, business park, research or corporate park, light industrial, and mixed-use and multi-purpose projects. The Community Mixed-Use 12 category allows up to 12 dwelling units per gross acre and community sized retail stores, office uses, research corporate park, parks, light industrial, and mixed-use and multi-purpose projects compatible with residential uses. Transportation This area has developed with a variety of fast food style restaurants, gas stations, linear strip shopping plazas, and big box stores. Through this center, Big Bend Road is a rural four-lane divided section with turn lanes and US 301 is a curb and gutter six-lane section with turn lanes, a sidewalk on the east side, and a multi-use trail along the west side. Although the development pattern does not follow the typical strip commercial pattern, it is an auto-centric modern suburban commercial pattern. Large parking lots in front of stores and outparcels containing restaurants, banks, and other singular buildings line the corridor. Access points from Big Bend Road are numerous, however, there is some internal connectivity within each quadrant of commercial development.


Hillsborough County • October 2019

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