Big Bend Road PLAT Study Transportation Big Bend Road from Simmons Loop to US 301 has been programmed by Hillsborough County for a PD&E study to widen from four to six lanes. An extension of Simmons Loop to Old Big Bend Road is also planned as a developer funded improvement and will provide important access and a parallel route to the Big Bend Road corridor. Utilizing Old Big Bend Road as a parallel facility to Big Bend Road should be supported through policy incentives. Maintaining the connection of Old Big Bend Road under I-75 is vital in order to provide connectivity between complementary land uses on either side. Additionally, the SouthShore Transit Study identifies a proposed mobility hub just south of Big Bend Road near Simmons Loop. This hub would serve as a transfer point for public transit users to access proposed express routes to downtown Tampa and other points north and south of Big Bend Road. The mobility hub would also provide options scaled to the demand for services in the area. The mobility hub could include car and bike share stations and dedicated space for ride-sharing pick-up/drop-off. Most public transportation users are more likely to walk, bicycle, or use other non-motorized forms of transportation to access transit service if a stop is located within ¼ mile of where their trip originates. A hub like this would offer additional travel choices that are not presently available to residents in the area. To realize future service plans and achieve the desired development pattern for this activity center, land development and transportation policies should: › › Place parking in the rear of buildings › › Consider maximum parking requirements versus minimum which encourages the use of parking structures › › Include bicycle, pedestrian facilities, and transit connections in site design › › Incorporate roadway design standards on surrounding local and collector roads that encourage lower speeds › › Use stub outs to provide regularly spaced connections between parcels For a proposed typical section of Big Bend Road at Bullfrog Creek Bridge, refer to Figure 35 .


Hillsborough County • October 2019

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