Big Bend Road PLAT Study

5.8 Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Within the study area, there are bicycle lanes along US 41, Covington Garden Drive, Waterset Boulevard, and Ambleside Boulevard. There is a paved shoulder along the east bound lanes of Big Bend Road between the I-75 interchange and the entrance to Saint Joseph’s Hospital with keyhole features at Simmons Loop Road and the entrance to the hospital, however, there are drainage features present in the shoulder that would be potentially hazardous to bicyclists. There is also a keyhole bike lane feature on the west bound lanes of Big Bend Road in front of the Cemex facility, but the paved shoulder prior to this feature is inadequate for bicyclists. Sidewalks are present within several residential areas within the study area and on the south side of Big Bend Road between Simmons Loop and US 301. Other small sections of sidewalk exist on the north side of Big Bend Road between US 41 and Covington Garden Drive. Figure 11 depicts multimodal features such as bicycle lanes, sidewalks, trails and transit locations.


Hillsborough County • October 2019

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