Big Bend Road PLAT Study

Balancing Development Patterns 7. Development Patterns and Form

A look at the present development pattern, future land use in the study area, and the adoptedHillsborough MPO Imagine 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), which supports a Hybrid Scenario as the preferred development pattern, has led to managing growth and infrastructure improvements in ways aligned with the vision of the community while improving quality of life. Goals to achieve a balanced development pattern: › › Identify connections between centers and transportation corridors within the study area › › Identify opportunities for development/redevelopment › › Recommend policies and strategies to reinforce the types of development and redevelopment suited for the vision of the area 7.1 Key Findings The southern part o f Hillsborough County i s rapidly expanding, and connec t i v i t y to Big Bend Road and I-75 is vital. Key findings within the study area include: › › Congestion, travel delays, and safety concerns are affecting quality of life › › Old Big Bend Road is an important parallel, alternate route › › Providing a well-connected local roadway network is essential to reducing the number of trips on Big Bend Road › › There is more potential for new mixed-use development rather than redevelopment › › A high level of growth in population and dwelling units are forecasted Figure 21 shows parcels within the study area which have potential for development or redevelopment based on future land use. These parcels or areas are discussed in more detail in Section 8 below. Figure 22 represents the forecasted increase in each Traffic Analysis Zone (TAZ) for new dwelling units and employment by sector; industrial, commercial, and service. These forecasts were developed by the Planning Commission and Hillsborough County MPO for the 2040 LRTP. Industrial employment includes light and heavy industrial types of jobs ranging from warehousing and distribution centers to fabrication and manufacturing. Commercial employment means retail, hospitality, restaurant, hotel, and office jobs. Service sector includes government, education, healthcare, and other institutional employment.


Hillsborough County • October 2019

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