Big Bend Road PLAT Study

1.2 Study Objectives Within the framework of the PLAT process, the specific objectives for the Big Bend Road study are: › › Identify context of the Big Bend Road corridor and its immediate vicinity › › Build upon the community’s vision as included in previous planning efforts, analyses, and decisions such as the Comprehensive Plan and Community Plans › › Engage the community and stakeholders through a variety of public participation methods in the development of the optimum transportation investment for the corridor › › Ensure consistency with PD&E and other improvements for the I-75 interchange and surrounding area › › Inform land use policy decisions surrounding the corridor to add value to the community › › Improve pedestrian and bicycle accessibility/safety and connectivity within the study limits 2. Study Area The study area encompasses approximately a 3-mile segment of Big Bend Road from US 41 to US 301, the properties and land parcels bordering the corridor, as well as a 1-mile buffer around the corridor to include a sufficient area for studying community interaction, land use, and access management. The study area falls within the communities of Gibsonton (north of Big Bend Road and west of I-75), Riverview (north and south of Big Bend Road, on the east side of I-75), and Apollo Beach (south of Big Bend Road, west of I-75). Figure 1 depicts the study area, including the key points of interest.


Hillsborough County • October 2019

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