Big Bend Road PLAT Study

8.3 Simmons Loop – Lincoln Road 8.3.1 Existing Development Context Land U se

The activity center around Simmons Loop and Lincoln Road includes St. Joseph’s Hospital south of Big Bend Road and the Spurlino Family YMCA to the north. Future land use for parcels directly adjacent to both sides of the Big Bend Road corridor is Mixed Use-20, with Suburban Mixed Use-6 as the main land use surrounding this center. Typical and allowable land uses for the Urban Mixed-Use 20 category include up to 20 dwelling units per gross acre, commercial uses such as a shopping mall, office, business park, research or corporate park, light industrial, and mixed-use and multi-purpose projects. Allowable uses under the Suburban Mixed- Use 6 category are up to six dwelling units per gross acre, suburban scale neighborhood commercial, office uses, research corporate park, light industrial, and multi-purpose and mixed-use projects which meet appropriate criteria for each location. With most of this activity center projected to increase in dwelling units and a modest rise in employment attributed to primarily the hospital, the Veterans clinic, the YMCA, and planned new high school, this activity center has low redevelopment potential. The greatest opportunity is to direct additional growth toward higher intensity mixed-use.


Hillsborough County • October 2019

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