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“If you heard this often from a person in your childhood:

A daily practice creates a ritual for ourselves that sends our subconscious the message: I matter. I care about myself. I can put myself first. I am capable. I am resilient. I am empowered to make choices in my own best interest. We've been conditioned in a society that says the answers are 'out there.' That seduces us into deeper levels of distraction + avoidance through social media, relationships, food, shopping, the list goes on + on. The answers are within us— they always have been. This is the warrior's journey. Those willing to do what most people avoid for a lifetime: looking within without running away. Those willing to sit within the discomfort of how confronting + overwhelming this work can be at times.

Stay the path. Trust the process. Laugh at it all. In a few months, you will look in the mirror + feel the indescribable feeling that comes with consciously

“You're so dramatic” “Stop being overly sensitive” “You're so moody!” “Smile, there's no reason to be sad” “You are too much” You'll most likely have internalised a core message: “Something is wrong with the way I feel. Some emotions are bad + I shouldn't have them.”

creating your life.” Dr. Nicolas Lepera

As we head into our beautiful gift that is Sunday can I take the opportunity to tell you.. YOU are not too much. YOU are not being a drama queen. YOU are a beautiful and powerful woman finding her way in recovery. We are fabulously flawed and human fighting every single day to be better. Hold onto that. Stay the path, trust the process, laugh at it Please join me in the sober dawn chorus as we say not today lady, not today. Susan Christina Creamer

True healing occurs when we are active participants.

True transformation occurs when we practice— when we commit to small daily promises. When we commit to showing up for ourselves. We've been conditioned in a medical model that teaches immediacy, quick fixes, + the “expert” model where we outsource our knowing to someone outside of ourselves.

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