TARA + THOMOND Online Class Wisdom

OMG!!! Have I ever seen a reduction in the inner turmoil that comes from drinking!!!!! I feel so much more peaceful now that I am in sobriety. I realize now that the drug I was using to self-medicate, to help me relax was making me more anxious, crazier, and lazier!! Once I was able to see that I was unable to find peace in a bottle I needed to find people to help me find peace in myself and also find those things I enjoy to keep at peace!!! The first thing I did was move, I began to swim and bike ride……..next came the volunteering (with horses). I have loved horses since I was born!!!! I find instant peace when I am taking care of these majestic animals….next, I started to create. I took an art class I thought looked interesting ( I taught art for years to children but chose to hurry home to my friend Chardonnay after school instead of filling my soul with my own art). Now I have a weekly art date with a friend and once a year we sell our wares so we can buy more art materials 😃 ….these and sprinkling in yoga, walking in nature, babysitting grandkids when I have time! I could not do any of these things if I was drinking…….MPM -

The act of NOT DRINKING is the biggest "I love you" that I give myself daily. My self-love practices include naps, cooking food that makes me happy and nourishes me, walking every day, and marveling at the earth coming alive yet again. The rebirth in nature also helps me feel a rebirth in myself. A new chance to do better, be better. When I'm heading out the door and glance in the mirror, I tell myself 'you look incredible - let's do this shit!' -C.C.-

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