I have always struggled with the concept of purpose; thinking that I had to do something or be someone who was going to change the world. That thought has led me to feelings of inadequacy as I have not been able to fulfill that type of purpose. The statement “With age comes wisdom” is so true. I now see my purpose as being kind, loving, and empathetic to those around me. Not always easy to do, especially when someone cuts me off in traffic! And not as simple or easy as it sounds as being kind, loving, and empathetic requires active listening, not making assumptions, and calling myself out when I find myself judging someone else. - Regina -

I’ve had a very mixed life in that I know I’ve been very fortunate in many ways but also shite has happened too. I’ve always battled through the bad times and so it’s very strange that I started drinking once I retired and depression set in. I drank to numb the memories of the bad times as I had the time to dwell on my past. I felt I should have done better… very disappointed in myself. I think I’ve had empathy with others other than myself and am certainly less judgmental than I was although there’s still the odd irritation! I’m certainly happier in my own skin as my confidence creeps back slowly. This group has totally changed my hope of success. -S.D.-

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