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Yellowstone National Park celebrates its 147th anniversary this year on March 1. This is a particularly noteworthy celebration for me, as Yellowstone Park was the location for one of my first dates with my wife. While we shared a great experience together, we left the park with many interesting (and quite puzzling) memories and life lessons. The first lesson we learned was to always live life to the fullest. But this reminder came through rather comical means. We were driving through the park when we reached this huge hill with a scenic overlook at the top. We pulled over to check out the amazing view, and as we stared out at miles and miles of wooded landscape providing a safe home to millions of animals, we were overcome by the beauty before us. Then a van pulled up, interrupting our moment of tranquility. Out stepped an elderly gentleman — he had to be about 80 years old — wearing a tee shirt, sandals and a Speedo! My wife and I watched as he wandered around the scenic overlook taking in the scenery before him. While others might feel uncomfortable or embarrassed touring a national park dressed the way he was, this guy didn’t even seem to notice us. He was too busy enjoying nature and his own sense of adventure. While my wife and I wouldn’t follow in this guy’s footsteps exactly, we always think back on him and remind ourselves to approach life as he did: with uninhibited joy.

The second lesson we learned while on this trip was to take advantage of the plethora of breathtaking places to see right here in the U.S. It’s tempting to make travel plans for popular foreign locations like Paris, the Maldives, or Bali. While it’s important to experience new cultures, it’s equally necessary to explore the national parks we have in our own backyard.

road. There were a lot of visitors petting the younger bison, and some even had their arms around the animals’ necks, attempting to hug them. Besides our experience with the scantily clad gentleman at the scenic overlook, this scene was one of the most interesting parts of the trip. We knew it was a terrible idea for the visitors to be that close to the animals, and we worried someone might get hurt, but it was certainly picturesque. We only took a day-trip to the park, but as we left it that day, I knew it was a trip I’d always remember. Not only did I get to create great memories with the woman who would soon become my wife, but we were reminded of two important life lessons as well. If you ever get the opportunity to visit Yellowstone, I encourage you to go. You might not see an 80-year-old guy rocking a Speedo, but I’m sure you’ll still have a great time!

During our trip to Yellowstone, my wife and I constantly found ourselves overwhelmed by the park’s awe-inspiring features. A huge network of trails with a variety of difficulty levels surround geysers like Old Faithful, so there’s no shortage of places to explore. There are also hundreds of different animal species residing there that you might not get to see anywhere else in the world! In fact, I remember coming across a herd of wild bison standing along the side of the “While my wife and I wouldn’t follow in this guy’s footsteps exactly, we always think back on him and remind ourselves to approach life as he did: with uninhibited joy.”

– Dr. Brooks

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