Mercyhurst Magazine Spring 2014

TRUSTEE LEV J. KUBIAK ‘88 Director, National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, Washington, D.C. Trustee since Oct. 26, 2013

No other trustee has Mercyhurst roots to match those of Lev Kubiak. He is the son of Dick Kubiak, the colorful professor of history at Mercyhurst for 36 years, and of Liz Yonushonis ’63, the tall, striking brunette cadet teacher. Their romance was a Mercyhurst frst. The Polish Prince was fnally smitten and, of course, as young girls, we couldn’t get enough of it. Mercyhurst had its own “Richard and Elizabeth” story. Ten months later Lev was born and given the Polish name meaning “lion.” He has the voice and academic mind of his dad and the class and fnely chiseled features of his mother. From them both he’s blessed with an inquisitive mind, great sense of humor, strong work ethic, and an instilled respect for authority. Lev has always been proud of his Mercyhurst heritage and storybook parents, but never rode their coattails. They had given him all he needed to carve his own history in today’s world. It didn’t take him long to cast his own long shadow after graduation. He is with the Department of Homeland Security in Washington and director of its National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center. He credits his Mercyhurst education in the liberal arts for providing him the foundation for his success. He’s thoughtful in his analysis, probing in his questioning, and highly articulate in his phrasing. It’s a long road from Mercyhurst to Washington, D.C., but whichever Hill he is on, Lev Kubiak is as impressive as they come.

TRUSTEE PATRICK J. WESCHLER, ESQ. ‘78 Shareholder, Buckingham, Doolittle, Burroughs, Akron, Ohio Trustee since Oct. 28, 2010 His father was the bishop’s page at the laying of the cornerstone at Mercyhurst and his aunt, Sister Mary Charles Weschler, is a Mercyhurst legend. Closing in on their heels and blazing a trail of his own is Patrick Weschler. The year was 1976 and I had requested a work-study to help with the Golden Anniversary of the college. Patrick, then a junior, applied. Our multi-media ad campaign, “Fifty Years of Class,” swept awards that year on the local, regional and national levels. It even took a “Best of Show.” When it was announced that we were the Big Kahuna of the night, I told my bright-as-they-come work-study, “Go up and accept, Patrick.” “Me? You sure?” I said, “I’m sure.” Afterward he kept saying, “But this is yours.” I said lightheartedly, “When you

TRUSTEE MATTHEW J. ROBASZKIEWICZ ‘88 Membership Services Coordinator and Meeting Planner National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, Inc., Washington, D.C. Trustee since Oct. 28, 2010

When you’ve been taught by the Sisters of Mercy during your formative years of high school and college, mission and service are a natural part of your life. Matthew Robaszkiewicz is one of those people. He wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to Mercyhurst, Mercy values and Mercy mission. He was named to the board of directors

of the Mercyhurst National Alumni Association in 2007 and has been its president since 2010. As such he is the voice on the board of trustees for the university’s more than 17,000 alumni. While he enjoys the honor, he takes his responsibilities seriously and speaks out and speaks up on their behalf. He is at every alumni function and steps up and digs in to fne-tune details. He’s the frst to arrive and the last to leave. But that’s nothing unusual for him; it’s

become a famous lawyer, boss lady gets one free consultation in return.” He said, “It’s a deal.”Twenty-three years later I was taking a business law course in mortuary school. I was stumped on a trial and remembered “the deal.” I called our alumni ofce to track down Attorney Weschler. He answered the phone. “Patrick, it’s boss lady. Remember our deal, one free consult?” Of course he remembered. I continued. “Can you tell me the right answer?” and I told him the legal case. He said, “That’s a famous one. I remember it from law school. It’s a tricky one.” Then he shared the answer. The next week the law professor announced, “Class, there was only one correct answer to last week’s case study. Good work, Ms. Daly!”

a carryover from when he was a student doing the meet and greets, always promoting Mercyhurst. He graduated with a major in hotel restaurant management and worked in the feld for a year until he answered a higher calling to faith ministry. For the past eight years he has been afliated with the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry and arranges conferences and meetings throughout the country. Matthew epitomizes the words, “Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.” It’s the rule book by which this Mercyhurst alum and trustee lives his life.


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