Mercyhurst Magazine Spring 2014

TRUSTEE RICHARD A. LANZILLO, ESQ. ‘83 Shareholder, Knox McLaughlin, Gornall and Sennett, Erie, Pa. Trustee since Oct. 16, 2003 1983 was quite a year. The Internet ofcially began and the frst cell phone, Microsoft Word program and computer mouse were introduced to the public. Richard Lanzillo and the 10th four-year class of male students at Mercyhurst who graduated that year changed forever the mischievous image the Philadelphia “Bonner Boys” had left behind. We all knew when he graduated the only thing between him and trusteeship was a matter of years to attend law school and time to settle into practice. Rich was the frst to win back- to-back terms as student government president and was the hands-down favorite to receive the Carpe Diem Award. He was well-mannered, well-groomed and well-respected, and his crop of dark curly hair was the envy of his middle- aged professors. Rich was never at a loss for ideas on how to make student life better and never shied away from getting those ideas of the drawing board. One of those memorable determinations was when, as student government president, he hired a plane and dumped 1,000 numbered ping pong balls over our baseball feld for students to fnd winning numbers for big-ticket prizes. It was hard to keep up with his creativity, and

TRUSTEE SISTER JOANNE K. COURNEEN, RSM ‘64 President, New York, Pennsylvania, Pacifc West Community, Sisters of Mercy, Buffalo, N.Y. • Trustee since Dec. 12, 1989 I try to be my own person. However, I fnd myself saying, “If I could be more like Sister JoAnne Courneen, I might be dancing to diferent music.” She’s measured in her words, while I ought sometimes to bite my tongue. But as time wears on, I am getting better. Well, sort of. Since July 1, 2012, Sister JoAnne has been president of the New York,

Pennsylvania, Pacifc West Sisters of Mercy, emerging as the leader from Erie, the smallest of the regional Mercy communities. I couldn’t make it to Bufalo that year for the April Assembly, but I watched the streaming of the vision statements on religious life in today’s world by the candidates for the Mercy leadership positions. Miss Sister JoAnne’s? Not on your life. She’s one special Mercyhurst graduate. I like the way she handles herself in every situation. She’s always personable, attentive, wise, humble, bright, hospitable, and a marvelous facilitator. She’s a person who brings reason to emotion, calmness to controversy, and laughter to tense situations. She’s always upbeat and gracious, appreciative and sincere, and the room is hers when she walks in. I didn’t think there would ever be anyone who could fll Sister Carolyn’s shoes, but more and more I can feel her spirit when I’m around JoAnne. I studied Sister Carolyn’s mannerisms as a young professional and picked up a lot of

he could easily have written a 365 New- Ideas-a-Year calendar. For Rich Lanzillo, the student leader and now trustee, life has always been about putting

students frst. The name Richard is derived from Germanic elements “ric” (ruler, leader, king) and “hard” (strong, brave), together meaning “powerful leader.” That certainly nails it when describing our Richard.

pointers from her. I know that a part of Carolyn rubbed of on me. I’m hopeful part of JoAnne rubs of on me as well. She’s the total package. Let the music begin.

Mary Daly is President Tom Gamble’s liaison to the board of trustees. She remembers as a young PR person saying to President Sister Carolyn Herrmann, “Don’t you think I’d be good at handling the board of trustees? I do.” Carolyn was fond of the upstart and must have gotten a kick out of her naiveté. She answered in wisdom and directness, “Mary dear, you need a little seasoning.” Mary was the founding editor of Mercyhurst Magazine , during which time one of her best-read features was a series titled “Remember when...” In her college days she was a four-year representative on student government, junior year social chair, senior class president, and senior outstanding day student of the year. Remember her?


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