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The Limoges Health Hub is now open to everyone


No one in Limoges was scared of Friday the 13 th .That was plain to see as area residents, dignitaries and others gathered tomark the official grand opening of the new Limoges Health Hub. The Limoges Health Hub (LHH) is a one-stop shop for a variety of community health services, including a Dental Centre, a Guardian Pharmacy, the Prescott-Russell Community Services, the Centre de santé communautaire de l’Estrie and the NATION Health Centre. The Limoges Health Hub has been an ongoing project for the past six years and has meant countless hours for members of the Limoges Health Hub Volunteer Committee. “It has been a long time in the planning and I amvery pleased to see this dreambe- come a reality,” said Shirley Racine, president of the Limoges HealthHub Volunteer Com- mittee. “I amconfident that the residents of Limoges and our neighbouring communities will embrace these services.” The Health Hub is already serving a couple hundred patients through all of its services and more clients are expected in the very near future. Saint Joseph Develop- ments built and owns the Limoges Health Hub, with the medical practices serving as tenants. The Hub is 15,000 square feet, has three floors, state-of-the-art equipment, and cost about $5.5 million to construct. The volunteer committee set a goal to fun-

Avant et après la coupe du ruban qui marquait l’ouverture officielle du Carrefour santé de Limoges, le vendredi 13 octobre. Des centaines de gens de la communauté étaient présents pour l’ouverture, y compris lemaire de lamunicipalité de La Nation François St-Amour, le conseiller de Limoges Francis Brière, le député fédéral de Glengarry Prescott et Russell Francis Drouin, l’assistant parlementaire du ministère de la Santé et député provincial d’Ottawa sud John Fraser et plusieurs autres. —photo Alexia Marsillo

draise for $170 000, which would cover the amount needed to furnish and equip the Health Centre. Having almost reached that goal, it is estimated to be completely reached in the next few weeks. The first floor of the Limoges HealthHub contains the Guardian Pharmacy and The Dental Centre.The Dental Centre currently has two dentists: Dr. Anastasia Tour and Dr. Chantal Plant, and one dental hygienist, Josée Greaves, on staff. The Dental Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that places optimal sterilization as its prior- ity.The Guardian Pharmacy is also officially open for business and has two pharmacists on duty: Camil Lapalme and Todd Rich- ardson. The second floor is home to the offices

of the Centre de santé communautaire de L’Estrie and the Prescott-Russell Community Services.The Centre de santé has two regis- tered nurses, a registered nurse practitioner, a family physician, a health promoter and kinesiologist, amental health counselor and a registered dietician at hand.The Prescott- Russell Community Services will be collabo- rating on projects with the Centre de santé and will also be running its own “Meals on Wheels” project. The Nation Health Centre is on the third floor and there are currently four doctors, with a fifth expected in November, who are accepting patients, and threemore will join the teamby 2018. At full capacity and at full staff with eight doctors, the Health Clinic will be able to treat about 10,000 patients.

They will be accepting patients fromall areas of Prescott-Russell, from Hawkesbury to Clarence-Rockland, Embrun, and beyond. The Health Centre also has physical thera- pists, mental health counselors, dietetics and nutrition specialists, speech language therapists, and a certified foot care nurse on hand. A few hundred people from the com- munity were present for the official opening ceremony and ribbon-cutting, including The Nation Mayor François St-Amour, the Limoges Councillor Francis Brière, MP Fran- cis Drouin for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, and John Fraser, parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Health and MPP for Ottawa South, amongst others.





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