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W hen I think of Thanksgiving, I don’t think of turkey or cranberry sauce. Instead, I go right for the stuffing. It’s the holiday carb that holds the meal together for me — and it’s one of my favorite things to sneak an extra helping of whenever I get the chance. That said, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to snag some more of my favorite Thanksgiving dish with the large gathering of people we “stuff” into my aunt and uncle’s 200-year-old farmhouse. Uncle Bob and Aunt Kay live on a family farm out in the Poconos. Every year on Thanksgiving, my wife, our daughters, and I all load up in our car and make our way north to see my family. Thanksgiving has become a very consistent holiday for our family: When it rolls around, I know I’m going to catch up with family members I haven’t seen throughout the year. Because I don’t have too much family around me here in Philadelphia, it makes me happy to know that I have a designated time every year to celebrate and see them. And the whole gang is there, too —my aunts, uncles, mother, cousins, nieces, nephews, and their kids. The whole house is packed for one giant gathering among a mishmash of chairs and tables, situated just so that we can all fit into the kitchen together. We spend the day watching football, messing around outside, challenging each other in board games, and stuffing our faces with too much delicious food. Though stuffing is still my ideal dish, our meal’s main dish, the turkey, comes right from Uncle Bob and Aunt Kay’s farm. Sometimes we even have a fresh ham from the farm to add to our

quality farm-to-table meal. My momwill often make her famous chocolate cream pie, and my wife and I will bring the booze. We spend the whole day together and leave full of both love and food. What’s even more meaningful for me is watching my daughters get to know their whole family. Some kids don’t even get to meet their grandparents, whereas my daughters are lucky enough to know some of their great aunts and uncles and their second cousins, too. My aunt and uncle did a wonderful job raising their children, and it makes me happy to know that my girls will know that part of my life. I’m very close with my family, and as a group, we’re very family-centric, even with other sides of the family, too. My wife and I divide up the holidays, and we’ll often spend Christmas Day with her family. We still see her side of the family on Thanksgiving weekend, and we’ll make time for my family the weekend before Christmas.

As with most families, the holidays evoke family togetherness and appreciation, and I’m beyond thankful for mine and the traditions we’ve made over the past decades.

And of course, I’m thankful for good stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving!

–-Chris Earley | 610.717.3082 | Page 1

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